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Topless In Tex
03-16-2005, 02:01 AM
I know alot of ya'll are ready to get the Cobwebs off your Cobras, so to speak. Our show is at the end of the month, its our 10th anniversary and annual Spring Show. Me and Steve will be heading up the judging, as usual, and the usual suspects will be there.
We would LOVE to see a bunch of Cobras come out again, like you did a few years back. That was AWESOME! For those of you that have been down here, you know how nice our show is, and that you will never ever see any finer rides then what you will see in League Park on Easter SATURDAY from Texas and surrounding STATES...
We hope to see alot of ya'll out there. If you come, let me know when you are close, and we will look for you. The earlier the better as far as parking together.
Hope to see alot of ya'll out there, and I know Steve would like to see alot of ya'll too. He's not been able to be at many functions because of being offshore, and he will be leaving again the week after the show.
Please try to come out! :thumbsup: It is the last Saturday of this month...
Post up if you plan on coming out... BTW: remember the 'Club Participation' award? $$$$$$ ;)
Here is a flier:

03-16-2005, 09:21 PM
:eek: Count me in

You guys have always given our Club tremendous support - it's the least we can do for Space City. :thumbsup: