View Full Version : Probem with my '01 Cobra rear end

04-01-2005, 02:47 PM
If you have experience with the 2001 Cobra 3.27 rear end I can use some help. My car has only 6000 miles and I brought the car in to the dealer at 3000 miles when it was under warranty for noise from the rear end and was told that everything ws fine. I put the car up on ramps last week and with the transmission in neutral I could move the drive shaft about 10 degrees. When I brought it back to the dealer this week they said 1" of play( equal to about 10 degrees of motion) is normal and within factor spec. From my past experience with other high performance rear ends the lash should be minimal. The amount of play between the pinion and ring also results in a clunk ( no surprise) if I am in 3rd gear at say 2000 rpm and then accelerate. The final symptom is that when under hard acceleration I get a loud rhythmic groan in third and fourth starting at about 3000 rpm to red line again seeming to come from the rear end. Do any of you have that amount of play in the rear end of your '01 Cobra and do you have any of the same symptoms or sounds? Is the dealer just giving me the typical "it's within Spec" answer to make me go away ? I have been told that the amount of play in my car could cause the rear to blow. Any help would be appreciated.