View Full Version : 1995 Cobra R Mustang w/Pro Race History

04-02-2005, 10:37 AM
The real thing! #82 of 250 Cobra R Mustangs built by Ford in 1995. One of maybe 10 real Cobra R's with actual pro race history, BUT it's not beat to pieces!

This car was built by Steeda in late '95 and ran the first 3 IMSA races in 1996 and then 8 SCCA events in 1998. Very limited (and sucessful), but well documented racing history. The SCCA log book is included.

Car is in excellent condition.

Original engine & trans. All original order docs, magazine articles, race photos and videos. Have most original take-off parts.

Presently being street driven!

Fresh fuel cell, tires, brakes, steering, Cobra Imola 2 seats, Simpson belts and lots more! Call now for details!

Currently has correct "livery" from 1996 IMSA season. Beautiful, fun, fast, safe, collectible! And now eligible for Vintage Racing. Email for pictures. Trades considered; Pantera, Boss Mustang, 1965-66 Fastback, Shelby Clone, OR??? Asking $42,500. OBO 239-549-1533