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04-04-2005, 09:20 PM
Attention Buckeyes (and surrounding states),

Just wanted to bring it to the board that we're in the works of trying to get together a go-karting day in columbus for late April.

Thanx to Mike, we got some info one a place in Columbus that would be able to hook us up with around $55/each if we could get at least 12 people to sign up. From what i hear, this is pretty exciting, and speeds get up to 40MPH!

We've still got the greater part of the month to pull it together, so lets figure it out. I posted a suggestion that i'd likely be able to make it on the weekend of April 29, 30, or 31st...but would have to leave columbus by prolly 9ish

Let me know whos up for this, and how many we have to work with! I'd like to meet each and every one of you from this region, and hope that we can get enough people for this to work out!


P.S. - and just a suggestion...if we can't get 12 together for this (i see no reason why we shouldn't), we can find something else to do...up for suggestions in which case

Black Horse
04-06-2005, 01:40 PM
All I can give is a definate maybe at this point in time. I would love to come up for this, the go-kart track is fun (been there before).

If this is a definate go, I'll pass the word around this area and maybe we can recruit some new members!

04-06-2005, 04:51 PM
As of right now I intend to be there, please keep us informed with the info, time, directions, etc.:cool: Sounds like great fun:thumbsup:

Jeff Black
2004 Torch Red Coupe

04-11-2005, 07:17 AM
I'll do my best to be there.

04-11-2005, 09:56 AM
Would like to set up a caravan from the Akron/Canton/Cleveland area, if possible. Any one coming from this area and want to meet somewhere before getting on 71? Send me an e-mail or post on this site.


04-11-2005, 02:20 PM
Just wanted to let you all know that it seems as though that Sunday (May 1) would work better for a few people, and also, the karting place isn't going to be (currently) availabe on the 30th of April. Because of this, we're just backing it up to that Sunday then.

Also, there is a $330 downpayment that mike seems to be willing to pick up for the time being, as long as we can get 12. From my knowing so far, we've only got 8, which isn't looking to good for those of us wanting to trying karting. I know you all are out there! Lets keep this ball rolling and try to pull this together.

I think we might also forward this link into the "upcoming events" forum to see if we can get some more hits and views there.

Keep us posted, all!

04-11-2005, 05:07 PM
I would love to be there! Sounds like a great time!

Who gets the $$? I am in!

Can I bring my 8 yr old son to watch the karting?

I would love to carvan from Northern Ohio w/ anyone going....I live in Strongsville, just off I-71.


04-11-2005, 07:26 PM
Who gets the $$? I am in!

Can I bring my 8 yr old son to watch the karting?

I would love to carvan from Northern Ohio w/ anyone going....I live in Strongsville, just off I-71.

We'll more then likely be paying once we get there. We just need to know how many are commited to going so that we know if we're gonna be able to get the group discount. Just bring yur money along.

Stang66 is looking to caravan with someone too, and i think he's from that region. Drop him a PM or just post here to check about some arrangements

And of course you can bring yur 8 year old. I'm not sure how exciting it would be to watch or not, or the age required to race, but im sure it'd still be fun for him! :D

Everyone else too...

One other thing Mike seems to keep asking is about lunch/dinner? what kinda places are soundin good to you all? Columbus has about anything and everything you could imagine, so if anyone else has any idea, post um up!

04-12-2005, 09:46 PM
Good to see SCMC invading Ohio! :D

I think I was included on the list of people going (Brett Henry) but it doesn't look like I will be able to make the carting now. :( Not that it helps, but I might be able to make it up there in the evening for dinner?

I will post this info on the local Dayton mustang board for SVT owners. Maybe some of them would be interested in joining the club!

04-12-2005, 09:51 PM
Even if you can't make it to the karting, just joinin up at any point in the evening would be great!

Any word we can get out would help, so on a Dayton board would work just as nice! :thumbsup:

Thanx for the heads up though! :cool:

04-13-2005, 10:16 AM
Just to give you guys a little update. I still have the 1st reserved, and have not heard about that sat yet. So for now, lets just assume that the official date will be sunday the 1st. In terms of $$$$, If we get 12 for sure, I will flip the $330 bill to set the date in stone, and then we can even up once we are there. That way we don't have to deal with sending money all over the place. Now for directions, I tried to cut and paste their direction page, but the computer wouldn't let me. So here is the actual web page that you can go look at, give you an idea of what we are going to do. It is www.speeds.cc (http://www.speeds.cc) From the emails that we have been sending around, it looks like we have 9 people for sure, and the list of possible people was 4-5. We are so close, as friends, ask family, whatever it takes to get 12 for sure. We still have over a week to get numbers, the sooner we get 12 for sure, the sooner I can lock in the date. Hope to hear from you all soon.


04-13-2005, 04:21 PM
Yea, haven't been hearing too much about the eating, but I thought that maybe a place like Outback, Texas Roadhouse, or maybe even like, Applebees. I've never been to one of these meetings before, so I don't know if everyone's usually wanting a sit-down place like that, or maybe fastfood? I know the 3 places above always seem to work out any other time i'm in a group! I have a feeling that not many are gonna speak out about restraunts, so looks like we'll just have to name a place and lead the flock :baby: :thumbsup:

I honestly think that we should be able to hit the 12 mark, because if even 2 people bring someone (wife, kids, friend), we're gonna already hit the mark. I know that in theory it's one thing to say, but then again slapping down $330 is another. If we hang tight, i think that soon we're gonna have it etched in stone :thumbsup: I know it's getting me pretty psyched! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

04-18-2005, 09:35 PM
hmm...well carting isn't looking to promising at the moment unless we get a last minute surge :( i believe we've had 2 that have mentioned they can't make it now...put us at 7 for sure, i believe

I can't believe there arn't more of you out there! :eek:

04-18-2005, 10:28 PM
We have a new Ohio member this week so we can invite him. Also, so what if you don't have 50 members there. We had 5 in southern CA and they had a good time. You have to go and then others will follow when they hear what a good time you all had. Ask Mike what a great time he had this weekend and he'll have a big smile on his face. :)

04-19-2005, 01:03 AM
i have no doubt we'll have a great time...we're just runnin a lil short for the numbers to go karting. That's ok though...we'll make with what we have :thumbsup:

04-20-2005, 10:22 AM
Yeah, i just sent out an e-mail, we can go up there with just the 2 of us for all i care. I might be bring some of my roommates, if i can talk them into it. And tony is right, i still am smiling from this weekend, my face is starting to hurt from so much smiling. All we need to do is, for those of us who are planning on going, is decide what day we want to go, sat or sunday. Just keep in touch

04-28-2005, 12:49 AM
Only a few more days away, and we'll be all set to go!!! :-D Believe it or not, this is actaully gonna be the first event i've ever been to for a car :cool:

As for the weather, it looks like we MAY very possiably get a lucky break! Supposed to be partly cloudy and 59 degrees with only a 20% chance of rain! Talk about a break, considering this whole week has been rainy sludge so far :eek:

04-28-2005, 10:39 AM
For any one going to Columbus from the north, we are meeting at the Wendy's at 71 and 83 - just south of the 71/76 interchange. We are planning on leaving about 9:15am for the trip down. If any one wants us to stop at Mansfield (exit 169) and meet at Bob Evans, we should be there by 9:40-9:45. E-mail me or post on here if you want us to stop in Mansfield or any where else along 71.

Keeping fingers crossed for no rain and a little sun to put the top down!!

2001 True Blue Vert

04-30-2005, 11:26 PM
I don't think there's really anyone else coming west of Columbus, but if so, let me know shortly and we could try and pull any type of pool together...but like i said, i think im a lone ranger here in the west :rolleyes:

Oh well, still gonna be a great time, one way or the other! :bounce: :thumbsup:

See you all soon! :D

05-02-2005, 04:30 AM
I couldn't have been more blown away by the turnout of the event, and we really did have a great time, and made alot of new friends! :thumbsup: Topping out with 9 cobras, the event was already more of a turnout then we anticipated! It really is a pretty exhilerating to be rolling down the road as part of an exclusive line :eek: :D We also discussed doing more stuff in the future, and it's really exciting to see things taking off! Amoung the things discussed we talked about possibly running kentucky speedway, as well as caravaning down to Dragonrun! :bounce: This was just the boost that our region neededl, and its exciting to see what's gonna be next!! :thumbsup:

Very shortly i'm gonna be posting the slips from our karting, along with some awesome pics that we had taken infront of speeds.

Tony...i'm not sure if you'd mind hosting some of the pics, or if you just want me to use my own webspace to do so...there's prolly gonna be quite a few :D just let me know!

05-03-2005, 08:32 AM
Most of this thread, including pics and such are continued at this post here:


check it out....what a great time! :thumbsup:

05-20-2005, 01:08 PM
How's that for putting us on the map?! Way to go buckeyes! :D

Now let's start pullin something else together :eek: :thumbsup:

05-20-2005, 09:34 PM
Y'all should do like us and plan a Halloween event. :cool: