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04-09-2005, 09:43 AM
The weather was too nice to keep the car in the garage last night so I just had to take it out on its maiden voyage with the Scott wingers SS inserts. Around town was rather lame, nothing but the run of the mill mini vans, SUV's and the compact cars not worth the effort to even bother with. I guess I was hoping to find that guy in the vette that wanted to hit the highway. Yeah sure, you get the usual lookers and googling of your car while waiting for the lights to change. Traffic seemed boring so out on to the highway I went (I-78e/309s). Up over the mountain pass and on to the off ramp only to get back on going in the other direction. It seems that the best stretch of highway is under supervison and has been for several months. I decided to get off the highway before the bottleneck construction conjestion (I-78/22) and go home. I was not ready to head in so I took the bypass route through town to avoid the sections under construction and decided to head out onto 22E bound heading towards NJ. Going the normal speed of 65, not much in any form of a challenge passing by. You guessed it, most of last night was just as much a bore as reading this. It was time to head home. While back tracking I noticed a vehicle approach from the rear and began to tailgait for a bit. Then it passed me. :thumbsup: it was a pontiac GTO. Finnaly something to take home and brag about. No more was the speed at 65, but 100mph. I followed it for a while, the closer I got, the faster it went. Of couse the typical traffic at that time was sparce, but there were pockets of slow moving vehicles from time to time. When the right and left lane opened up with no other vehicles but a half mile or more ahead was the time to make my move. The pontiac opened up and was gaining some distance. Changed out of the overdrive gears and slamed it into 4th (at 120 there was no alternative) I closed the distance between the Cobra and gto in a fraction of a second. the pontiac was not moving fast enough so I eased into the right lane and punched down on the throttle. I passed that Pontiac like it was standing still :D. I had my fun for the evening and blew away a GTO that thought that Cobra with the reflecting statement on the rear bumper was going to be a trophie to take home. Besides that, with the spedo pointing to 4 o'clock, I was comming up on traffic that once seemed like minimum of a mile ahead now appeared like only a few yards.:eek: I had plenty of time to slow it down. 2 seconds later the GTO caught up to pass me, but at speeds of 65 and now in traffic the fun was over. I am sure it would have been different from a dead stop but the result would have been the same. Since this is my first GTO to come across traveling in the same direction, I would admit they are fast but not fast enough. :cool:

04-11-2005, 01:05 AM
Nice kill Ausie!:thumbsup:

Nice to have a nice long cruise and then a kill before the drive home!:D

04-11-2005, 01:10 AM
I'm SOOO frickin sick of hearin all bout those GTO's, and little boys drivin them around like a bat out of hell. besides the fact that i think their a lil over-rated with how "cool" they seem to be, I'm glad someone's decided to show um that the Cobra's still not a power to be messed with...

I know i couldn't walk on one in my 97, so it's always nice to hear bout a big brother that does!

Nice kill bro! :thumbsup:

04-11-2005, 06:46 AM
At first I had no idea what passed me, Even after getting behind it I still had no clue since it was dark outside. The three small letters on the bottom bumper cover sort of gave it away along with the pontiac insignia. It was fast and I almost thought why bother, until both lanes opened up and I discovered that it was not accelerating fast enough. This little supercharged 4.6L mill has alot of surprise to it, even to me. I definately need to get a base line pull on a dyno with this Cobra before I start modding it. By the way it accelerates:eek: , mods do not seem necessary, that is until I start taking it to the track.

I guess I was out looking for it, I wind up on the highway to look for trouble and it usually finds me. Besides that, where else on the streets can I get the thrill of pushing the car to its limits when getting off and on the highway at various locations. I guess it is a meager place to practice my launch before I make a fool of myself at the track. I have yet to run the quarter mile on a legal basis. I have finnaly gotten used to the trans to the point I do not miss any gears 1-4. There is the acception when shifting out of 5th or 6th and then trying to find a gear is another issue.

04-11-2005, 07:31 AM
What is with the 200mph speedo in those GTO's? They won't ever see near that. What a waste of numbers. I guess that is why most of them think they have a monster.:rotf:

04-12-2005, 07:03 AM
I could only imagine how slow it would have been if the speedo only went up to 130 (which would still be overkill for it):D

04-12-2005, 07:56 AM
Good Kill. Pontiac's version of a Lemans with a v8. I'm a little suprised that you aren't a fan Aussie. They are manufactured down under. Read yesterday in the April Road and Track that they have upped the ponies to 400 in the 2005 GTO. Still not a Cobra

04-12-2005, 08:13 AM
Read yesterday in the April Road and Track that they have upped the ponies to 400 in the 2005 GTO. Still not a Cobra
Gotta admire their spirit though! Can't blame pontiac for pushing so hard to reply to the call of the Cobras, T/As, and even some older Vettes. Not really a surprise though...look at history...

Was it a surprise that when Cobra upped it's ante to 305HP in 96, BOTH Chevy Camero and Pontiac T/A ended up at the same number?!

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round :rolleyes:


04-12-2005, 07:04 PM
Nice kill.. on the Ram air cavaler!

04-12-2005, 11:15 PM
Is it me, or do those stupid little GTO's look like a big Dodge Neon? What a waste of UAW Labor.

Ausie... awsome kill brother! Aaaah... Rt. 22/78 split. I used to live in Jersey & was dating a girl or 2 from Palmyra (sp?). I know the route very well.

I definitely need to 'git me one er those Terminator Cobras. Next on my wish list. Wifey's pushin for a new SVT Adrenaline too. How funny, 390 HP SUV will be walkin' a GTO??? Can't wait to post that kill story (only after I have my 04 Cobra made faster than wife's Adrenaline). All is speculation of pending finances ofcourse.

I'll stick to killin' T/A's & Z/28's for now w/ the 97.

None the less... love the GTO kill. Bravvo! Bravvo!

04-13-2005, 06:34 AM
Good Kill. Pontiac's version of a Lemans with a v8. I'm a little suprised that you aren't a fan Aussie. They are manufactured down under. Read yesterday in the April Road and Track that they have upped the ponies to 400 in the 2005 GTO. Still not a Cobra
Don't let the name fool you. The dog is an aussie or australian sheperd hence the name. Funny that the aussies are an american dog breed, they just got the name since they were used in hearding in Austrailia, hearding goats and sheep and other animals. Ironic that my cobra has something in common since I literally drove circles around that goat (GTO). Me, I am American first and only part sweedish, british and native American. I guess that gives me something in common with the dog since he is a hienze 57 mix of different breeds too.

I believe the Goat I found on the road was an earlier model since I looked at the Pontiac web site and found that there were some styling cues changed in the rear. It definately was not a Lingfeiller (sic).

04-13-2005, 07:35 AM
My bad.
They are good dogs anyway (smart and attendative).
Perhaps the owner of the GTO closed the gate on that goat, after gettin whooped so bad.