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04-09-2005, 03:05 PM
I have a gauge to monitor the intercooler temp and I am not happy with the factory pump turning off once the water temp reaches 90 degrees. I was wondering if you guys have any experince with wiring a manual switch into the pump relay so I can turn it on manually and cool it down all the way before a race? I'm guessing there is a factory relay that is computer controlled with a ground wire, so all I should have to do is splice into the ground wire and then run it to a switch inside the cockpit. :cool: Right? That shouldn't cause any computer problems and no diodes should be necessary, right? If anyone knows which wire that is and where it is located that would help tremendously. Thanks a lot.


I was also wondering if anybody has acutally tested the aftermarket heat exchangers to see the difference in efficency. I wouldn't imagine them helping your 1/4 mile time much.

04-09-2005, 11:01 PM
There is a wire that runs to the ECU that controls this... I think it's pin 94 if memory serves me right. I'm not sure on this though. You can indeed run a switch to this wire therefore turning it on whenever you want. You can have it turned on to run constantly with a tune... mine is set that way. You can also run a "jumper wire" while the car is off using the relay on the passenger side fender if you want the pumps to run while letting the car cool.

The benefits of a bigger heat exchanger are to keep discharge temps lower by taking the heat out of the intercooler fluid. If IAT2 temps reach 150 degrees or more then the computer will pull timing out of the car and it will lose horsepower. The cooler you can get the fluid through the exchanger then the better off you are.

As far as "testing" an aftermarket HE... I did an "impromptu" test with a friend. I run a GordsFord Heat Exchanger with the dual Spal fan kit... and one day we decided to see how effective the fans/bigger exchanger were. I drove the car pretty hard after it had come up to operating temp, without the fans on. I came back and let it sit for a few minutes (long enough to get the cap off) and we took the temp of the fluid. The temps were right at 100* at that time. I jumpered the intercooler pump to circulate the fluid, and turned the fans on. In less than 10 minutes the fans/exchanger had cooled the fluid to just slightly less than 70 degrees. I think that was pretty substantial.



04-10-2005, 05:17 PM
Sounds good thanks for the info. About that wire to the ecu, is that ground controlled or positive controlled? So can I just splice into it and run it through a switch to a ground? I have a Predator programer can I turn my pump on with that? Thanks

04-10-2005, 06:03 PM
I just looked up the diagram for an 03 cobra and it is pin 82 a white wire with an orange stripe and it is ground controlled, thanks for your guys help I hope this helps out other people too, I am going to go wire it in right now.