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04-11-2005, 11:24 AM
Well i got my plans togather for my 96 Cobra:bounce: !!!! I want to go with a supercharger setp. I was told that i can safely run a KB or procharger system without a rebuild,(88k miles on my car) If i was to get a rebuild done how much am i looking to spend, when i do the rebuild i want to do it right the first time and use forged internals, i read that all i really need is forged pistons and rods, and that the stock cobra crank and heads are good enough to hold up to what i want. (450 RWHP) I have never had a rebuild, or fully found out what is included????

Why Try?
04-12-2005, 11:44 AM
I just got off the phone with Neil from DSS (http://www.dssracing.com/). If anyone needs some info that would be the place to call, he is sending me some options (turbo, supercharger, rebuild), ill post them if anyone else needs help in this area.

04-12-2005, 11:30 PM
NO supercharger/turbo charger or like is completely safe so no you can't run a KB or procharger without needing a rebuild. Now...you can run those (or others...Vortech, Paxton, etc..) and you might not need a rebuild for a few days, weeks, months or even years.....but you never know.

Procharger street kits......I've seen more of those make engines let go than any other kit out there. It just doesn't seem to be a well designed kit and requires an intercooler for even basic "low" boost applications.
(just an FYI, I'm running 16psi with no intercooler on my Vortech...and 93 octane pump gas).

Kennebell makes a nice kit but it's max capabilities are around 400 rwhp before you start pushing the blower too hard and creating way too much heat (it's a very tiny blower unit and can only move so much air efficiently). They also offer no intercooler or by-pass valve with their kits.

A rebuild can range from $3000 - $15000 depending on what you want done. The block, crank are good for more horsepower than you'll ever need, the pistons/rods/rings are more the weak point. A rebuild typically will be adding new forged pistons/rods/rings to a stock crank and boring the block slightly (.020). The stock heads and cams are very nice though can always be improved with port/valve jobs and aftermarket cam profiles.

You can buy any supercharger kit and not need a rebuild for quite some time......or you could need a rebuild the day after driving it the first time with the supercharger installed. You just won't know until it happens.

Oh....and a forged engine is just as easy to blow up as a non-forged one. Basically the forged components give you a split second more time before breaking....so if you hear detonation you could let off and be safe. With the stock stuff...your hear it....the damage is done. Detonation kills the engine, forged or not. So after installing the kit you'll need a good safe dyno-tune (expect to pay about $500-$700 for that).

My suggestion is to have (or at least be saving) the money you'll need for a rebuild because you will need a rebuild at some point. Get the supercharger kit of your choice and enjoy.

Why Try?
04-14-2005, 05:27 PM
thanks for that info!, looks like im still deciding on the procharger, vortech or KB system, so many people have so many thing to say about each, i just want close to 450RWHP and then im going to run that till either i get the money to rebuild or it blows, right now i just finished ordering my Brembo OEM Rotors, Hawk HPS pads, SPEC III clutch and alum flywheel. So i have about another 3 months before i have to make a descion on which supercharger to get.