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Steve Treece
04-12-2005, 08:30 AM
Zaino has just released his newest product. Here's what he says about it:

"Warning: Use of Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal may cause you to attract more attention than you ever did before. As a result, it may take you longer to fuel-up your vehicle, run through the drive through, or pass the keys to the valet. Everyone will want to know what you're using on your car, and how you maintain that show car shine. Don't say we didn't warn you....

You've always known that Zaino Show Car Products create a look that is second to none, but with Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal , we've taken things to a whole new level. Make no mistake - Z-8 is not a Z-6 replacement. We've designed it to complement the Zaino product line by taking over where Z-6 left off.

Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal offers a unique opportunity to drastically enhance the shine, gloss, depth, slickness and protection of the Zaino system. Leaving for a car show and need an extra boost of gloss? Use Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal . Heading out on an extended road-trip and want a little extra protection from the elements? Bring along Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal .

Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal utilizes twenty-five new ingredients to bring you the highest level of shine, the deepest depths of gloss, the slickest feel, and the most protection available in any detail spray, period. But keep in mind, Z-8 isn't for everyone, and it hasn't been designed for everyday use. It's for those special occasions and extreme instances when you need extra performance from the Zaino Show Car Polish System.

If you're ready to take your paint to the next level and treat your eyes to the richest, most detailed paint they've ever seen, order a bottle of Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal and prepare to be impressed.

Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal:

Leaves a high gloss, high shine, deep, rich, wet finish thanks to advanced optical-clarifying polymers
Leaves an ultra-slick finish that repels dust, dirt, environmental fallout and other stains
Locks in the improved looks and protection for weeks - not days
Contains anti-UV agents to protect your vehicle's finish against damaging sun rays
Is easy to use: wipe on, wipe off
Is intended for special occasions and events only; it is not a Z-6 replacement
Should be used in conjunction with the Zaino Show Car Polish System, including Z-2 PRO, Z-3 or Z-5

The Z-8 bottle contains 16 fl. ozs. (473 ml.)


The vehicle should be relatively clean – Z-8 won't replace a car wash or even a typical quick detail spray. If your vehicle is dirty, wash it before using Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal.

Use only 100% cotton, made in the USA towels. Most cars will require two towels. A 12" x 12" towel size is ideal.

Working with a cool and dry surface, lightly spray an extremely thin mist of Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal on an area of your paint that is approximately 3' x 3’. Buff immediately with the dry side of your towel, turning frequently.

Do not allow Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal to dry on your finish. If Zaino Z-8 dries by itself, simply wipe down the affected area again.

For best results, use Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal very sparingly. Like Z-6, a 1/2 ounce will do your entire car, including the rims. A 16-ounce bottle of Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal should detail your vehicle 20-30 times.


Does Z-8 replace Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray?
No. For most detailers, both Z-8 and Z-6 play important roles in the overall gloss and protection of your vehicles finish.

When would I use Z-8 verses Z-6?
Z-6 would continue to be used for quick details to remove dust and soil between washes as well as for daily maintenance. Z-8 would be used for the extra protection and that extra zing in gloss needed for special occasions.

Can I layer an application of Z-8 over Z-6?
Sure. Some have chosen a quick wipe down with Z-6 prior to a final detail using Z-8 to achieve added gloss.

Can I use Z-8 daily on my vehicle’s finish?
Yes, but for many of our customers, it is simply not cost effective to use Z-8 daily. Like a very fine wine, some may decide to have it every evening at dinner, yet others choose to save the finest for only special occasions. It’s really up to you.

Do I use Z-8 or Z-6 between coats of Zaino Show Car Polishes (Z-2 PRO, Z-3 and Z-5)?
Either Z-6 or Z-8 will achieve fantastic results. For our more budget conscious customers, outstanding results have and will continue to be attained using Z-6 prior to each application of Zaino polish. We’re spoiled; we use Z-8 all the time."

I tested some of this last year and it is awesome. The price is $19.95.

For all of you NC/SC Zaino users, I expect to receive a shipment of Z-8 on Wednesday and should be able to ship it out on Thursday. All others please contact Zaino, www.zainostore.com, for the name and contact info for your nearest distributor.

Steve Treece
Carolina Shine
NC/SC Distributor for Zaino
Distributor for DF Concours Towel
Charlotte, NC
E-mail: cashine@juno.com