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Why Try?
04-12-2005, 08:17 PM
I just got off the phone with the guys at kenne bell and they gave me a good deal but i wanted to make sure its the right thing to do, its not every day i drop $3,400!!!!! I can get the TS1000-96C kit with boost-a-pump, hi-speed fan kit and chip for right under 3,400 with my military discount. But the only other option i saw was the procharger for about 3,900 for the P-1SC kit. Please give me some imput on this before i spend the money. Im looking for a street fast car and to do a few track days but nothing major. I've heard good and bad on both but what is this oil spilling thing im hearing about the KB systems?? thanks

04-12-2005, 11:17 PM
The KB setup for your year is nice but very limited. It's a great street kit though. The oil blow you've heard concerns the unit for the '03 and '04 Cobras.

I don't like Prochargers at all. They make some incredible race systems but their street kits are lacking. (my opinion from reading owners issues over the years).

Your other choices are Vortech (SC-trim) ($3200) or the Paxton Novi 2000. (not sure $$). The Vortech is a great kit and can be easily upgraded. The Paxton is a higher class/grade unit and comes with restrictors to keep the boost to more reasonable levels.

There are also turbo kits available but they aren't as common and will be a bit more expensive.

From what you mentioned I think the KB might be a good choice for you. It'll give you a good low-end kick in the torque department which is great for the street.

ian white
05-01-2005, 01:18 PM
TOM just wondering how reliable are the keene bells on a 97 cobra?As for the cost would cams,heads and intake be a better choice for the money

Why Try?
05-01-2005, 03:35 PM
TOM just wondering how reliable are the keene bells on a 97 cobra?As for the cost would cams,heads and intake be a better choice for the moneyIan, ive been doing my Homework on this subject and it seems best to not run a KB system on the 96-98's the 1.7 will only net you at about 380RWHP though that is good, there is not much more you can squeeze of the blower its self, i have decided on the Vortech S-Trim system myself, i really started out not wanting to go vortech (hole in oil pan, etc) but i know if i was to get the KB system and get stuck under 400RWHP in a year id be pretty upset, the vortech just has so much room to grow and alot of tunners work on vortech and pro-charger more than KB, if you just want around 420HP (crank not wheels) then id say go KB the system is nice and its maintece free just about compared to the others but if you want something your car can grow with id say Vortech

ian white
05-02-2005, 06:30 PM
Thants for your input! I just want the best bang for the buck,you are probably right about the KB, horsepower is addictive my problem is if i spend 4k i want some reliability?

05-02-2005, 07:34 PM
Thants for your input! I just want the best bang for the buck,you are probably right about the KB, horsepower is addictive my problem is if i spend 4k i want some reliability? First off there's no such thing as reliable and Supercharging unless the car comes from the factory with one already. Your engine is not forged like factory supercharged engines so don't look for reliability, look for what the supercharger does.....makes power.

KB chargers are reliable units in that they don't have a high failure rate, make decent power for their size and make good low-end torque. The company is horrible to deal with and they are very limited in their ability to grow (make more power).

Vortech probably has the best reputation, but even a company with the best reputation will still have a unit that fails. Vortech kits will make very good power but overall they make your engine feel the same as it does not except more. The higher you bring the rpms the more power you make. In fact it'll make power beyond the stock rev-limiter so if you stay in the throttle (and your tune is superb) it just gets stronger and stronger and pulls harder and harder. It's very addictive. Driving around town it'll feel exactly like stock. In fact if you never take it over 4000rpm you won't even notice it. This is a big difference between the KB which you will feel at 2,000rpm but it'll fall off around 6,000rpm.

Basically you want to pick the blower that fits your "wants" (power output, how it feels, etc..) because with any and every blower you buy.....you will be spending the money needed to rebuild your engine. For some this is MUCH sooner than later and/or expected....for others it's longer than they were expecting.

KB's are nice they just lack a lot of features that they should have for the '96-'98 cars. No boost by-pass valve, no intercooler, poor intake design, no upgradability (they make a larger unit but with out the by-pass and especially without the intercooler it's an engine cooker) and very poor customer service.

05-03-2005, 07:10 AM
Taking on the KB 1.7L is like replacing the M112 Eaton with an M90 Eaton (03/04). There are other options for positive displacement SC's. Whipple is another company that makes the twin screw supercharger and has a kit available throught Saleen. The Eaton will drop in boost around 6k and uses a boost by-pass valve for low rpm use. Since the Eaton is a roots, it does not compress air between the rotors. However, the twin screw design does and will provide boost throughout the rpm curve (hence the boost by-pass valve is not effective). Lack of having an aftercooler (innercooler) may limit the amount of boots your motor can tolerate and will limit the amount of timming you can advance. From what I recall, since the earlier years prior to 99 used secondary shut off plates, and that the impeller type was more desirable for that model year. If your car was a 99+ I would recommend the KB or whipple but an innercooler would be a requirement. Perhaps a Pro-charger or Vortec would be the way to go. Also it allows you to keep the stock intake plenum. I have seen alot more impeller (centrifugal) superchargers at shows than the Positive displacement types unless you count in the 03/04 models. If you want low end torque (which the 99 and 01's were lacking) a positive displacement route is the way to go. However, the centrifugal types will provide more boost for increase in RPM and that is usually where all the fun is, unless you already have an 03/04.

ian white
05-03-2005, 04:39 PM
Thankyou for all your great input!

05-03-2005, 07:40 PM

By far the most bang for the buck is............

.....attend SCMC open track events and become a better driver. I know, we
all think that we have a natural born driving talent, but we usually don't.
In my experiences the better driver usually beats the lesser driver in
a better car. Mod your car, absolutely, but don't forget to mod the driver too.

Just like I tell my wife. If you want me to be good at "something" then
I'll have to practice, practice, practice . (LOL)

Have Fun :thumbsup: