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04-23-2005, 09:55 AM
Hi All -

New member here - joined the club this morning! Now I hope to tap into your wealth of knowledge, and get some recommended Mods and maybe a good local resource or two!

Anyhow... 99 Cobra with 50k on the chassis, and a nice fresh 3k on a Ford crate motor put in from DJ Ford! (Rod bearing was ingested according to them - but it was covered under an extended warranty - thank god for oil change receipts!)

Thus far - the car is still fairly stock. I bought it used in 2001 with 21-22k on it, and the original owner had put in a shifter, Flowmaster catback system, and a K&N... All in all good Mods... but still leaving me plenty of room to grow! I assume there was also a custom burn on the chip since I dont seem to have that SOTP feel it used to have before the engine rpl. I also used to guage my mileage not by MPG, but by how far I could go on a full tank of 93 Octane! Before the engine change, I got right at 200 miles out of a full tank... Now, I can easily run 240-260 miles on a tank of gas! If anyone knows Charlotte - you know it is all stop & go traffic! Sure its great during the high priced gas wars... but I bought the car for performance not a few bucks at the pump!

This leads me into my first question for all of you who have done so... Now that I am past a breakin of 3k, who/how/what is the best way to get a tune back into the CPU? I have seen the Superchips and others that guarantee great performance increases... but am I better off going somewhere local and having a custom burn to possibly gain more in a specific RPM range? If so... does anyone kow a reputable place around Charlotte NC, and a ball park cost? I am not into top speed... dont really care to go faster than 100MPH... But I sure do like getting there (100) very quickly!

Money is always an object when thinking of these performance increases... so tell me in your own opinions, if you wanted to gain the most seat of the pants feeling, what would you change first? I have a small list of near-future plans for both performance and looks...

Custom Chip burn - or Superchip, Diablo etc
Gear change to 3.73 or 4.11
Drop the suspension 1.5 primarily for looks
Pulley Change?
Thanks in advance for all who reply! I will now do what I probably should have done first... Search the forum to see how many times this has already been answered! LOL

04-23-2005, 03:32 PM
I suggest with a flowmaster cat-back to get yourself an offroad H-pipe, that will wake her up a bit and give her more of a growl. Then get a set of Steeda underdrive pullies, cold air intake, shifter, and 4:10 gears. For lowering my opinion for springs is H&R. Alot of people in the club have those and they also like them alot. Then upgrade your struts/shocks, and get a pair of subframe connectors.

When all is done you will absolutely love to drive your Cobra!

O/R H-pipe=$160.00
CAI=$180.00 Alot of people here on the club really like the JLT, looks and perfroms well.
Shifter=$200.00 MGW is a very popular shifter right now. I plan on getting one for myself.
Gears=$180.00+installation which can be spendy due to the IRS in the rear.
Sub-frame connectors=$100.00 Look into Maximum motorsports or kenny brown.

Those are rough estimates, and without any labor costs. H-pipe you can do yourself if you have a jack and jack stands. CAI you can do yourself with basic hand tools. Shifter you can do you. But for right now there is no need for a tune, not enough mods on the car to do much of a benefit for the cost. I thought the same thing when I bought mine, but the good people in the club saved me some $$ by telling me it wasn't worth it.

Hope it helps, sorry so long.

04-23-2005, 03:58 PM
Hi SSSVT - (Did I get enough Esses in there?)

Thanks for the instant tips! After endless hours of reading today, I am more confused than I was before the day started! :eek:

Since I have the Catback Flowmaster system in there... I know I have looked and seen an H-Pipe already too! Dont know if it stock or Aftermarket though... Will there be any signifigant difference between the stock H and others? From what I read on a few forums, there is very little difference.

Now to another subject... your SLP Loudmouth system! From all I have read and a few clips I have heard, they really put others to shame! (Including the Flows) Right now, I think that if you hear one FM system, you have heard them all! Nothing really distinguishes your own sound from that of a FBody or any other car running flows (With 8 Cyl's anyhow). So... what I am thinking of doing is removing the mufflers from the Flow system and replacing them with pair of SLP Resonators! Any suggestions or advice on this? Obviously, I have to go look under the car again to see if it is even possible first, and may just require a full system change.

The CAI is actually going to be my first change. Again, reading has done the mind good today... and it seems the JLT does have a good group of fans!

Gears will probably be the next encounter, and yes I read that due to the IRS, it is best handled by a shop, and probably in the $300-$500 range for the install to get it done right! Since the clutch has 50k on it... I may just plan on getting both done at the same time, since the car will be up in the air anyhow!

Thanks again for the input!! Helped me out!!

04-24-2005, 05:20 PM
What sssvtcobra recommended is a VERY good start.

From your first post if there was a "chip" or computer change you'd still have it now since it's completely seperate from the engine. Most of all, at your level of mods a chip would be completely worthless....save your money. The factory tune is very good so unless you've monitored your A/F and see that you are running way rich or way lean there isn't much you can do.

Now....since correcting your speedometer after the gear change is something you can do with the computer ('99 and up cars) then it'd be a good idea to get a chip for that and maybe help tie in an off-road H-pipe, CAI and underdrive pulley setup.

What you'd want to do is get all the mods on......then hit a local dyno shop that also measure A/F ratio with a wide-band. Then you can send your dyno-graph + A/F ratio to whoever does your chip for the gear swap to correct for whatever gear you go with (minimum 4.10s). This may give you a few extra ponies but mostly it's just going to correct for the gear change.

An offroad H-pipe will make significant power gains over the stock H-pipe, I don't know what forums you were reading that said otherwise....but I'd suggest to not read those anymore :)

04-24-2005, 08:14 PM
Hey Tom -

Thanks for the great info! I dont know exactly what I read yesterday, but it said the HP gains were minimal between the Stock/H/X pipes... and it actually had Dyno results to show it! NOW... That being said... I also seem to recall them all being "Street and Emission" legal! Fortunately, I have a friend of a friend kinda thing where they look no further than my name on the inspection process! If anyone is in the Charlotte/Mint Hill area and needs a friendly inspection station... Just let me know, I will point ya toward the place!

I ordered the JLT system yesterday... I spoke to Jay and he recommended exactly what I needed! (I also told him I was a Club Member)... Maybe I can write-up a step by step practical install article when I put it in this week!

Next I am going to order a set of 4.10's, and before I have them installed I am going to grab the H&R springs also... Try to save a little on labor by having it all done at once. I have built circle track cars from the ground up, and have a Snap-On rollaway rig out in my shed that rarely gets used anymore... I guess I've just become lazy and would rather pay a Pro to do it now... or maybe I just remember pulling the drivers side valve cover off the car and the 6 hours it took after removing the brake booster etc... Just dont want to mess with it anymore!

I am all for the H pipe (Offroad) over the X pipe, only because I like the throaty sound and low end better than the top end higher pitch I have heard the X delivers. I may even pull out the flow's and put in a pair of loudmouths at the same time once I hear more from owners about how they sound! (I like LOUD and *Cam-like-pop* sounding exhaust!)

Again... thanks... Hoping to meet some of you guys at an event this year!!

04-25-2005, 02:02 PM
Just a waord of advice on the loudmouth's, they are very LOUD!!! I had the loudmouth 1 catback and ended up buying the loudmoth 2 mufflers. The 2's are still a straight through design, they just have some packing around the flow tube. When I first put them on I didn't like them. But now after driving around for awhile they have really changed. It has alot more throatier sound than before when I installed them. Plus they are a little more louder than when I first put them on. The loudmouth 1's are very loud. I live about 1/2 mile away from work (as the bird flies) and my wife could hear me start my car up in the mornings if she was in the bathroom and the window is open. These are definetly ticket bait, so beware. I might change back to my loudmouth 1's and risk it, but unsure yet. If you decide to buy the loudmouth, I recommend Myfordperformance.com. The owner (can't remember his name) is a really good guy, and he has great prices. Plus since you are a member you get a discount.

04-26-2005, 01:05 PM
SS - Thanks again for the info on the Loudmouths!

Louder is always better!! I am almost 40 with 7 kids... so anything to quiet them down is perfect!

If you ever decide to sell off one of your sets... Let me know!

04-26-2005, 06:21 PM
that cat-back will make it like your kids aren't even in the car LOL

04-26-2005, 08:01 PM
Hi Casey -

Yeah - I usually just go for a ride when it gets to be too much....
Quick Q for anyone... I currently have a Steeda Tri-Ax in the car (On a T45 of course)... Has anyone switched to the MGW Blue shifter, and if so... Your take on it. Shorter Shift? Quicker? Smoother? Etc...

04-26-2005, 08:33 PM

As stated in this thread the first thing to do is get a set of gears for your 99. I would go no lower then a set of 4:10's for your car. Other's like 4:30's or higher (numerically). Good all around street gear would be the 4:10's.

I also recommend going with a MAC three piece OR H-pipe as it will make alignment easier and gives your car more of a growl then a popping sound like a Ferrari.

If you want some help with installation then you can check out the install "how to's" on the website and drop by one day and we'll get it in for you. I think Mr Ed can help out too since he was very helpful when we put his in.

The same with the underdrives, I have the tools to put them in so we can just do it one day all at once and save yourself a few dollars. :)