View Full Version : New Saleen spotted

04-26-2005, 10:15 PM
It was a silver 05 and it was SWEET. It was parked where I work and let me tell you after a 10 hour day it made my open as wide as the sun :eek: and my mouth drool like Niagra falls. The 05 body style is what the Mustang was meant to look like again.

04-26-2005, 10:32 PM
I think Russell and Smith Ford is the only dealer in the southern Texas area that sells them... they have 6 or so on the lot right now.

04-26-2005, 11:06 PM
haven't seen a Saleen yet...but today I saw 2 '05 GT verts. The first was a red one....stock. The second was a silver with maroon stripes down the middle and some kind of aftermarket chrome rims. Looked really good. :thumbsup:

04-26-2005, 11:47 PM
Well I hate to disagree about the body style. We are in a new and modern age and unfortunately when the new body style gets old we will have nowhere to turn. Don't go back....go forward. This is the 05 Saleen I took out on the track at CMP in March! As Ronnie said "It's a sweet car but it ain't no Cobra!" Fun ride, just not fast enough for me.... :thumbsup:

Andy M
04-27-2005, 04:47 PM
What I really want is one of those Ford Racing Cammer engined cars... heck for a mere $125K you get a full bore race car! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Now that boys and girls, would be some serious fun on the track!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

04-27-2005, 05:01 PM
Ronnie, also, refers to his Saleen as a "turtle" compared to the Cobra. I agree with you, Tony. Evolution of the car will be at a tricky place when it comes time to redesign the Mustang again. I like the new body, but really like the 04 better. And, I liked where that 04 could have gone, if they would have continued with that style.

04-27-2005, 06:25 PM
I like the new body, but really like the 04 better. And, I liked where that 04 could have gone, if they would have continued with that style.

I whole heartedly agree with you! The New Edge body could have been taken to some lofty heights. The new body is ok but the interior is a bit too retro and way to plasticy :( And those headrests and e-brake have got to go! Now the upcoming Cobra engine in a New Edge body :thumbsup:

04-27-2005, 09:00 PM
I just think that the new body style looks more aggressive. As long as the next gen Mustang doesn't resemble the Mustang 2 ......

I wouldn't trade my 03 for a new Saleen but can't wait for the new Cobra. Now, how do I convince my wife to let me get one in 2008. :D

04-27-2005, 09:58 PM
I know this will probably freak you out but in the movie "I, Robot", that Audi looked freaking awesome! Can you imagine if they had a new Cobra with a similar style! :thumbsup:

Don't get me wrong...I think the new body style looks really cool but then so did the T-bird and now they quit making them. I was just concerned that FoMoCo did that to boost their sales for the next few years but really didn't look ahead. What they were/are trying to do is cater to the Baby Boomers, like myself who grew up in the 60's. But when we are an after thought, where will they go next? They should be concentrating on better fuel economy without losing horsepower. I'll probably get a new Cobra after they are out a year or so, so they can work the bugs out. By then I'll be around 47 so I still have a few good racing years left in me... :rotf: