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05-01-2005, 07:35 PM
Came across a few of these. If any of you guys w/o the keyless entry are interested I am selling these for 80.00 plus shipping. They are simple to program. Vehicle must be equipped wtih keyless entry from the factory and the pad can be stuck anywhere. the instructions say it will not harm the painted surface either. These are factory ford units... here is a pic of one installed on Evilcartman's ranger... I am going to install one on an F-150 here in an hour or so. That person is putting it in the bed of the truck so they can lock the keys in the cab when they are out fishing, or incase the lock the keys in by mistake. I just did one on a mustang, well the owner chose to do it himself actually, but he is very pleased. shoot me a PM or email blownsvtlightning@gmail.com thanks.