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05-08-2005, 04:59 AM
Went to the midnight drags at Rocky Mountain raceway with a couple local friends with mustangs. was my frist time ever. I could only get low 14's the elevation also sucks here though. I'm new to it but it seems like my time is getting better every run. I only ran 3 times. I need to learn how to launch the car. I shift fast but i let off the gas to do it.. Oh and my third burnout was so beautfiul! My car was in a cloud, you really coudn't even see it. Had a friend recording from the stands. IT WAS TIGHT!

05-08-2005, 11:38 AM
A better shifter would help if you still have the stocker. A good grade clutch quadrant would help too (that would help me anyway since I found the stock plastic adjustable quadrant slips back to a loose setting which causes too much clutch slip and missed gears). The aluminum flywheel and driveshaft would also improve the RPM drop when shifting due to the lower mass.

1. Practice, practice, practice also improves your response time. For starters, consider that you are only racing against the clock.
2. Best to ignore the other driver since that can pose a distraction.
3. Eliminating wheel spin at the launch is probably the big issue.
4. I would guess that 14's are good numbers at higher elevations. Add some NOS fuel additive to the fuel (there is a small amount of nitro methane which should increase the oxygen content to some degree). You can find the fuel additive at auto parts shops, mostly the canister is listed as off road use only. If the rules of the track have tight regulations, leave it out. There is not enough nitro methane in the container to pose any sever issues. I have used it every once in a while in my 01. NOS may be a big help too, but you need to tune for that. Especially at higher elevations, NOS will add oxygen to the fuel. After you win, you can party with it too. :cool: (just kidding)
5. loose some dead weight. Leave the spare tire at home, along with the jack and wrench. You could opt to take some or all of the seats out (if you have not done that already). Some have even dropped the front sway bar to lighten the load. Carbon fiber hood and rear deck lid will weigh less than the fiber glass components. Also, don't race with a full tank of fuel as that adds more wieght.
6. Under/over drive pullies will also free up some wasted HP. Electric water pumps are great for drag racing since it frees up alot of HP, but not practical for the street since they are not as reliable as the belt driven pumps. Blow a fuse and you will overheat.
7. Add a high fan switch to the radiator fan circuit. That will keep the fan running while in the staging lanes. The motor will cool down faster if left to idle than shutting off the engine, unless someone shuts the track down due to component failure and they have to clean the track. Case in point, the DVD I sent you, the red 99 Cobra spewing smoke all over the place was cause by popping off the main radiator hose that connects to the upper U pipe. That would explain how I got to film the staging lanes due to the track shut down. If you ever experience an issue with your car like that, best to slow down and head for the side of the track to minimize down time. Most of the time drivers do not understand what has happened until they reach the end. The clean up that followed the first run took over 2 hours.
8. A shift light is a good thing as long as you can calibrate it to light up at the best RPM range that will give you the higher torque for the next shift. Winding out to max may not be the best approach especially if there is more to gain with the next gear at a lower RPM. In most cases the one with the quicker reaction time takes the win.
9. Ignore what I listed above: since I have no idea what I am talking about :D due to lack of track experience that is.

Could you post the burn out video? that would be cool to see your car in action. :thumbsup:

05-11-2005, 09:53 PM
I drag race alot and could give you some pointers on making the car work better, but most of the mods will take away from the streetability of the car. My 91 Camaro runs mid 10.50's at 128 on slicks(MT 29.5x9's) with a few bolt on suspension peices, and alot of moving weight around. Spring rates and F/R weight balance is the biggest things.

05-15-2005, 06:48 AM
the biggest thing needed in order to launch this car is a straight axle and wrinkles. I know of a guy with the same car, straight axle, wrinkles, a few more bolt on's than mine and run's high 12's! But i love the IRS ride quality and won't do that. hehe... i'm also trying to sell the car lol

05-16-2005, 01:54 AM
i'm also trying to sell the car lol
:nope: This displeases me....lol

yea, decisions...decisions...decisions. Kind of a bittersweet thought. If yur plannin on keepin on tryin to sell it, mods wouldn't be all that good of a move...more then likely a loss of money. However, if you plan on getting faster (aside from ability increase), spending that money is obviously inevitable.

I say you just take it off the market and get the best of both worlds ;) :thumbsup:

05-16-2005, 08:49 AM
i'll be buying another cobra possibly. But there is a really nice LS1 Firehawk i'm after. 600 HP it makes me wet my pants. I dunno though, i'm getting married. the fiance' doesn't want me to get rid of the cobra but i think otherwise. pfffffffffffff!

05-22-2005, 11:17 PM
i'll be buying another cobra possibly. But there is a really nice LS1 Firehawk i'm after. 600 HP it makes me wet my pants. I dunno though, i'm getting married. the fiance' doesn't want me to get rid of the cobra but i think otherwise. pfffffffffffff!
where are you getting married at?...just curious.