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05-11-2005, 03:41 AM
So I've been looking into the possibilities of what to do with my ailing tranny, and seem to have found an easy out - if it's actually possible. I found a wrecked '99 GT with the T-45 still intact, for a great price. Does anyone know of any problems I would have dropping that into my '96 Cobra? I'm pretty sure the speed sender will be wrong - but from what I undurstand I can pull the electrical sender off and put the mechanical unit on it from my tranny. Is that correct, and does anyone see any other potential problems with this swap?

Thanks a million:)

05-26-2005, 12:26 AM
The 96 to 98 Cobra T45s use the mechanically driven speedometer trigger sensor which has a very different pulse rate than the 99 and later units. I tried to use a T45 from a 2001 Cobra in my 96 Cobra and found that the connector for the reverse switch is different, the trans mount location is different, the exhaust hanger is different in addition to the speedo problem. While the 2001 trans worked great, I had to make an adapter for the trans mount, change the reverse switch connector and remake the exhaust hanger. And the speedo didn't work. The easiest solution was to get another trans from a 96-98 Cobra, which I did, and I changed everything back.

I understand that you can swap the tail shaft housings and the drive gear/reluctors between the early and late T45s, but that means tearing open the trans. Modern Driveline is my source from their web site.

Good Luck.