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05-16-2005, 01:34 AM
warranty ? no cats when i bought it from ford dealer

hey i bought my 2004 cobra in january, it had a s281 saleen spoiler and red door acsents and red instrument ascent and thought the rest was stock.!?and was changing the oil and noticed it had no cat. converters, just 2.5 inch stainless steel pipe hooked straight to the iron exhaust manifolds ,and to the stock ford mufflers and stock exhaust tips. now i'm wondering what other hidden mods the previous owner made to my cobra(and whats the hp now)... .also like to know the pros and con of having no cat. converters on it?!!! And what does this do to my warranty .I dont think my Ford dealer knew it didn't have any cat. converts on it.... ....and how illegal is it to have no cat. converters on my cobra . any help or anwers would be great ...i would also like to know what great sounding flow through muflers i could put on to finish the exhaust because its still the very stock quiet sound . the x pipe ends about 6 inchs in front of the stock mufflers http://www.svtownersassociation.com/svtoaforums/images/smilies/HittingHead.gif i want it loud like a v8 should be (like my 70 mach1 which is louder with crapy old cheap mufflers).but not so loud that i cant here the stereo with the windows up .i want my cobra to get the respect it deserves ,you know!!!!!!!!!! although only kids wanta race it, not any vettes or porsches or anything that might give it a good run or challenge.... http://www.svtownersassociation.com/svtoaforums/images/smilies/hbullet.gif would a 3 inch pipe be too much to finish the exhaust with good flow through mufflers or resonators ???? http://www.svtownersassociation.com/svtoaforums/images/smilies/cbullet.gif

05-16-2005, 03:13 AM
For the cats, well there is no real down side to it other than inspection...........if you have a visual inspection then you will need to get the cats put on.
Since you're wanting to get a new cat-back, I'd go ahead and purchase a hi-flow catted X-pipe also.

I've got the Bassani full exhaust set-up on mine with the removable cats, which is a nice thing to have if you want to run without the cats for the extra sound and then put them on when you go in for an inspection.

For a 3" cat-back, the only one I know of is MAC.

Someone else will chime in and give you more options.

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05-16-2005, 06:53 AM
If your inspection area mandates catalytic converters, you could be fined if they report you but I doubt it. More than likely they will claim it failed as long as it does not pass the electronic emissions test. Usually, the emissions equipment plugs into the ECU in the same manner the flash programmers or scan tools. The ECU is placed into diagnostic mode that erases the pass flags on the emmisions sensors which forces the ECU to re-evaluate the condition of the sensors. They will have to drive the car until the ECU reports back with a passing result. Since you bought it from a dealer, I did not know it was legal to sell a modern car without the emissions components.

There is also a way to tell if the ECU has been re-programmed. Press and hold the trip reset button followed by turning the key to on (do not start at this point). When the trip/odometer displays "TEST" release the button. All of the guages will max out and then return to normal. press the button a few times to see all of the current dts (diagnostic test codes). One of them will show you the code size in HEX format and the other will give you the code date. There are other little goodies in that too, like a digital speedometer, oil pressure, engine temperature, digital tachometer, etc... You can start the engine and drive it with the guages in diagnostic mode. I will see if I can find the link for the diagnostic mode and all of the details for it. Here it is:


05-17-2005, 12:05 AM
Ausie, sometimes you amaze me...I gotta take a ride to PA one of these days:)

05-17-2005, 06:05 AM
The DTC may state for 99 and 01, I knew about that for when I had the 01. And it works on the 04 just the same. What is cool about it, you can see the engine temp for diagnostic purpose, just in case you were wondering what temp the fan kicks in at. The oil pressure mode does not seem to do much until you shut the motor off which will show the peak pressure (I think). Also, the DTC reports a 2001 code date. What makes me wonder if it really changes when you have your car tuned.

As for the lack of Cats, may be a blessing in desguise, but it still puzzles me how the dealer can sell a car without them. Since they are protected from removal by Federal law, (which was established so the average joe does not remove them) I doubt that any fines would be issued. The only thing I see happening is that the inspection would probably fail or they would not pass it. They may not even notice as long as the O2 dummies are in place. I am still debating wheather to get the Bassani x-pipe or not. I smell a skunk, perhaps my cats are clogged, I guess that means I can take them off now since they are defective :D . Actually you can invoke the same tests with a scan-tool or programmer. If the scan-tool reports back with "not ready" the emissions test will fail.

05-17-2005, 06:15 AM
Ausie, sometimes you amaze me...I gotta take a ride to PA one of these days:)
Too bad you cannot drag race in NJ. I can't either since the recent noise law which effeted all the tracks in NJ thanks to the people who live near Englishtown Raceway Park. The requirement is mufflers with a minimum of 2-3 Baffles. SLP made the black list in NJ. At least I have two choices which stock exhaust to put back on if I want to run in NJ. Either the 2001 or the 2004. Yeah, I still have both sets in the basement. I believe that the 01's were much louder than the silencer 04's. I just never got around to cut them up yet. I was planning on taking off the SLP from the 01 but too late now. I can either sell them real cheap or haul them in the Exploder to work and trash them in the dumpster.

05-17-2005, 07:05 AM
I would tell the dealership and have them get me a set of cats. If you put them on then what ever will be, but if not you have a free set that you can use incase something happens during an inspection, being they find you dont have cats. Here we would get a hefty fine for not having cats. Infact no muffler shop will even touch anything with out cats, much less remove them. I say at least get a free set from the dealership. They can not back out, they sold a car with out cats which is illeagal in a smog cert. state. That would also tell me that the dealership did not do the inspection required on a used car. hint hint.