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05-16-2005, 09:00 PM
ARGHHHHHHHHHHH well, I went longer than my fiancee thought I would...6 months into owning my Cobra I and was just ticketed for going 60 in a 40. (Which, by the way, is BULL because I was going 52 - I KNOW I was because I saw the cop on his bike and downshifted - I was only going about 55 in the first place) There was also an Expedition speeding past me but the cop pulled me over, of course. I argued with him and said give me the ticket, but make it 52 instead of 60 because that was what I was going...I was so mad about it I was crying...and he refused. He also refused to show me his laser. Is it illegal for him not to show me in GA? :( :( :(
I'm grumpy!

05-16-2005, 09:33 PM
I'm sorry to hear that Jen.

I believe that when you take it to court you will beable to get it dropped due to the fact that the officer didn't agree to show you the radar/laser reading?! I'd talk with a lawyer and see what they say about it.

BTW, didn't you just get your license back, or am I thinking of someone else?:scratch:

Good luck and hope all works out for you!:)
(don't feel bad....it only took a month and a half before I had 2 tickets after getting my Cobra, both were from a State Trooper:eek: ) 60 in a 45 and the other was a 70 in a 35.
Oh well, needless to say the court told me that if I get another ticket within 3 years, I'll lose my license.........:burnout:

05-17-2005, 05:24 AM
Yea, actually I did just get my license back...they said it was not valid for 2 years and I did not find out about it until I got the Cobra and was calling for insurance quotes. Needless to say, this is not my 1st ticket ever, just 1st in the Cobra...lol! My insurance is SO expensive...you don't even want to know!!

05-17-2005, 05:36 AM
don't feel too bad, I got pulled over for doing 72 in a 70:eek: . I only got a warning, though.

05-17-2005, 07:38 AM
Sorry to hear about your ticket. You should think about joining the club or NASA so you can do some of the "On Track" events. Gives you a place to drive as fast as you want without the worry of a ticket.:thumbsup: I am trying to get enough people for a day at the track July 17. You can check the thread in the autocross section. Come out and play with us.:D

Why Try?
05-17-2005, 01:30 PM
where did you get the ticket at??? was it your hometown or where you cutting through somewhere, if its one of those little towns usually you can just pay the ticket and get the points dropped, but on the radar issue, cops dont have to show you the radar, radar is used only to justifie the cops "eye of sight" at judging your speed, a cop should be able to look at a car and tell around how fast it is going, the radar gun is only used as a tool to back it up, and for legal documentation, kinda of like a caculator is too a bank teller. but im a Cop in the Air Force and Law Enforcement is something i know somewhat about, PM the details and i can try to help you out, like what kind of transportation he was in, was his radar vehicle mounted or was it a radar gun and also a way out of a ticket is radar units have to be calibrated on a regulary schedule, if he overlooked this then you can get out of the ticket, there are lots of options, just let me know whats up, plus take your chances and go to court if the cop is a no-show then you will be let go with no fine as long as you dont plead guility, but if he does show up i would just plead guilty and talk to the cop and you may be surprised about the points and not get any and just have to pay the $250 cour cost.