View Full Version : Update and Thanks for Your Support

RF Cobra
06-05-2005, 04:02 PM
I want to take a moment to say a very special thank you to the members who expressed their concerns and genuine interest Saturday at the Mooresville show in how Leah and the baby are doing. The outflow of support was overwhelming and it was incerdible that several of you went out of your way to flag me down while I was taking pictures in order to get the lateset information on how they are doing. Plus there were several others who we have met briefly at prior events who commented they had read the previous posts and the first thing they wanted to know when they saw me was an update on the situation.

Words can not begin to express our gratitude and thanks for such an overwhelming show of support. We are honored to know each and every one of you and yesterday you proved exactly what this club is all about - the people and friendships, not just the vehicles they own and drive. This is not just a "car club." It is a group of exceptional people who happen to share a common interest in vehciles while placing a higher emphasis on their fellow man.

Leah had to go back to the hospital again this morning and they sent her home again for the third time around 11 am. They gave her some medicine to help her sleep when she got home since the pain kept her up most of the night. So for now we are still waiting. She has been able to get some rest this afternoon and they are hoping the rest will help her system get right itself so that the birthing process will progress normally.


Allan & Leah