View Full Version : Beautiful Black '99 Cobra SVT with extensive track modifications

06-17-2005, 01:42 AM
I am posting this for someone:

Price: $15,000
email: kacaproni@earthlink.net

Owner (brother) died--MUST SELL ASAP. Beautiful shiny black--pics available. Buyer must pick up in Cherry Hill, NJ or have vehicle shipped. Email for details. My brother put about $15,000 into this vehicle to upgrade it for racing capability but from the outside it looks like a stock street vehicle. The modifications were done at Quarter-Mile Performance in NJ. The interior is immaculate in a tan/camel leather. Vehicle is parked where he had all his mechanical work at Conte Brothers of Cherry Hill. They can give the best account of the cars condition if you are serious.

Supercharger system (Vortech) POLISHED

Brand new tires: Bridgestone/Potenza S-03 (275 35 YR 18 95Y)

Cobra-R wheels

Aftercooler (Vortech)

PRO-M mass airflower meter 83 mm calibrated to Cobra

Battery relocation kit (Vortech)--battery relocated to trunk

Gears, (Ring & Pinion) Complete kit

R & R Kenny Brown kit

R&R Jack Rails, caster plates

R&R all rubber brake lines, replaced w/hard lines bleed system

R&R gears

R&R springs

Pro 5.0 shifter

R&R shifter

Exhaust header 96-99SVO ceramic Cobra short headers (part # m943od465)

R&R shorty headers

R&R exhaust cat back system

99 borla cat back, mandrel bent exhaust (Cobra), part #br14858

Club SPT Kit-99 Cobra Coupe

Differential Mount bushings-IR

Cobrarear 99 Cobra revalved rear S

Chassis Kit 99 Cobra

Caster Plus 94

Off set Rack Mount bushings

Sway Bar bushing 1-1/8" 28 mm P

Sway Bar Bushing 1-1/16" (Pair)

Jackrails 94-98

Extreme brace 94-98

Racing jack

Jack stands

Four stock SVT wheels included in addition to the special wheels on the vehicle

Contact: Ken