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06-19-2005, 07:12 PM
Michlien tire again..... What happened at Indy today was a total travesty. Their tires were fine the last four years, they were fine for testing, free practice, and qualifying but were not safe for the race because of turn 13 not having an entrance chicane. Bridgestone did not have an issue and even though the tire rules changed this year I seriously doubt there would have been a race issue after seeing the results Michlien posted at Bahrain on similiar type entrances with 30 degree higher track temps. They just won LeMans and they are saying after 9 months of tire development they could not design a tire to last 73 laps on one of the cleanest tracks in F1. They even had the audacity to post a news release during the race blaming FIA (I have other opinions about that group) for the boycott when their engineers were still debating whether their sidewall construction was defective or not. :mad:

If the sidewall design was defective then adding a chicane will not help. They just got caught with their pants down and should have flown in the revised tire design (debatable if they were different since Michlien was advising higher tire pressures) and had the teams take a penalty instead of boycotting the race. They just screwed around with their largest sales market and I hope they suffer for it. Also, the Toyota team was the only Michlien team having real tire issues, most of the teams were blaming Toyota's suspension setup for the tire meltdown.

06-19-2005, 08:48 PM
My opinions, but I wouldn't buy Michelin because they are a French company. Looks like you arrived at the same destination but through a different route. To be sure, the debacle today set F1 in the USA back 20 years. I'd have been really PO'd if I was a paying fan in attendance today, it was ugly enough on my TV.

The track was diamond ground recently (this past winter) and that changed the racing surface. Apparently this was noted by both the IRL and NASCAR in tests on the new track surface, reports are that both noted an increase in grip but also a high increase in tire wear. Reports are that Jackie Stewart contacted the FIA to warn them of this development. Here's a link to an IRL article on the new Indy surface:


Also, the tires were not fine for practice, hence the two major failures of the right rear tire - one in the infield section and one by Ralf Schumacher in Turn 13 at speed. Granted, both of these were Toyotas (maybe their setup was more aggressive?), but I think the new surface conditions may negate your point about the previous years of Michelin experience at the facility. The banked turn 13 that Michelin warned the F1 teams about is part of the oval that received the diamond grinding treatment this past winter.

Bottom line, FIA and F1 is still a nightmare of money and politics - Michelin took a severe black eye today. Makes Goodyear look brilliant for pulling out of F1 racing many years back.

06-23-2005, 12:14 PM
Yes and to think I recorded F1 due to they where at INDY instead of NASCAR. That will not happen again.