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06-21-2005, 08:17 PM
Here is an announcement we are proud to offer to you all to help intice you to Gingerman in Sept. This looks to be alot of fun, I plan on joining in on the fun that Kern is offering us.


SATCAR is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Tony Sorrentino and Brian Groth to include a SATCAR run group and race at the SCMC event at GingerMan Raceway on Sept. 17 & 18. Cars and drivers entered into the SATCAR run group will get an equivalent amount of track time as those entered into the driving school and will have the element of competition as an added challenge. Winners will receive lovely crystal awards.

SATCAR offers a new form of road racing that is open to drivers with their street prepared cars (Open tracking and race cars also welcome). The SATCAR rules and format are very similar to driving schools and open tracking events. These rules keep the event safe for drivers and their cars. SATCAR then adds a Performance Parity Timing system that equalizes the performance of the cars and makes driving skill the prime ingredient in winning. More information about SATCAR, including the complete Rules Of Competition, is posted at the SATCAR web site: www.satcarracing.com.

To enter SATCAR competition, drivers must have at least two days of a performance driving school on a road racing track, or equivalent experience. Drivers must also join SATCAR and be issued a Competition License. Hard top cars can compete with only the factory three point shoulder harnesses. Open top cars require extra safety equipment. All cars must pass a SATCAR safety inspection that is performed by your local automotive technician. All cars must also have AMB transponders (Rentals available from SATCAR).

Entries must be mailed or electronically submitted in advance. No entries will be accepted at the track. The entry is limited to 19 cars. Entry cost is $ 395. If you have already entered the SCMC event and would like to change your entry to the SATCAR run group, Brian and I will work out the logistics. Please inquire about the additional requirements. Additional information and entry forms will be posted on the SATCAR web site.

Enter early to be certain of a starting spot for this exciting new form of road racing!!

Please call or e-mail Kern Fischer for additional information or to have any questions answered.
Phone: 630-232-6063 e-mail: klfischer-satcar@msn.com

06-21-2005, 09:19 PM
Thanks for posting that Brian..it was on my "to do" list which is getting bigger by the minute... :)

BTW, I am thinking about entering so I can run against you... :rotf:

07-18-2005, 11:24 AM
I'm thinking about the same thing. Probably the only chance I'll get to beat Brian now. :thumbsup: