View Full Version : MSC 4.0 at US-41 Dragway Sept. 10th 2005

06-22-2005, 12:46 PM
MSC 4.0 at US -41 Dragway

Every year my SVT Club rents out the race track for all Ford & SVT
1/4 mile drag racing...

Here's a sample of MSC 2.0 (the ride home) I was driving the 2000 Cobra R

Here is MSC 3.0 on May 28th 2005
(Yes, my First & Wost time got recorded :rolleyes:)

Date : September 10, 2005

US-41 Dragway (I can get the address later)
our site... www.chicagosvt.com

PRE-PAY Race Fee $30.
Gate Racer Fee $40.
Spectators $5.
Children FREE

Prepays get mailed to :

Hank Jarzabkowski
2308 Knollbrook Way
Bloomington, Il. 61704

Maybe we'll see some of you guys and gals out our way !!! ;)
My New Baby at MSC 3.0