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06-24-2005, 01:22 AM
anyone have any on there cobra?what are the best brands of aftermarket brakes that will really slow u down?and where do you get em?

06-24-2005, 01:27 AM

Those are the kits, if you're just wanting to upgrade the pads:


Hope this helps you out. Be prepared to spend some money if you're going to upgrade everything:)

06-24-2005, 07:23 AM
There are many available. Brembos are available at Tirerack.com. Baer and others are available from their websites (or at least provide you with dealer lists). Most are easy bolt on kits, too.

I have a 14" set of Brembo, but they were very exspensive. :eek: They work (and look) great, though!! The OE brakes on a Cobra are very good. If you get the 4-piston Brembo kit (OE on a 2000 Cobra R) you'll see decent improvments, but not Earth stattering like a 14" kit (Note: Need 18" rims).

I had a 13" (acutally is was 12.9") Willwood kit, with the six-piston calipers; no good. It did not help stop the car any better. My 14" Brembos are as good as it gets. But if you want a OE replacement size kit, I recommend the Bremo kit with the 4-piston calipers (2000 Cobra R brakes). You can get them at Tirerack or the Ford Motorsport catalog.

I can't speak to Baer brakes; no experience with 'em.

One more recommendation I would make is upgrade your rear pads to a very aggressive compound. The rears are a pretty weak size (rotor and caliper) and any more grunt you can add to the grab is helpful. I noticed a good improvment with the OE calipers, Brembo slotted rotors, and Hawk pads for my Cobra's rear brakes.

The better you can stop, the faster you can go around the track! :thumbsup:

06-24-2005, 08:19 AM
I just bought the Baer Eradispeed Plus one's...direct OEM replacements, but are slotted/drilled and are about 15lbs lighter than than stock...will let you know how they are when installed