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06-26-2005, 11:14 PM
Well, for the past month or so I haven't been driving my car due to the fact that Trevor and I removed the stock Eaton and everything else down to the lower intake!
I'd been waiting on my parts for about 6-7 weeks and they finally got here, so I called up Shannon (N0 5 OH) and he came down to the house to help me install the Kenne Bell!!
We had a hell-of-a time getting the Z- tubes in with the super charger spacer, but it finally went when I lost my grip and it just fell into place. We got the lower intake torqued down, the KB, all the injectors etc....
We then got all the vaccum lines hooked up and put on the JLT CAI with the SCT MAF and 9" filter.
Finally the engine was back together:D So Shannon installed the flip-chip and we then fired it up just to make sure everything was running ok and the fact that it had been sitting for a while.
So we shut it down and Shannon and Trevor worked on the BAP while I supervised (watched):p

So when they finished with all that we fired it up and took a little test drive up to the gas station to fill her up! At the gas station Shannon noticed an exhaust leak coming from the passenger side header:( So after we filled her up we took it back to my house and loaded up all the tools and drove up to Shannon's neck of the woods Hickory. We decided that night to go ahead and fix the exhaust on Saturday morning, so around 4am Saturday morning I headed home and planned to meet up at Shannon's around noon on Saturday to fix the headers. Luckily I had the stage 8 locking header bolts setting at the house, so Saturday we start working on the headers around 2pm. After Shannon and Richard got the K-member out and the passenger side headers off, we found that the bolts wer backed out and it was leaking way bad:doubt:
We finally fixed it up and got everything back together and took it for a drive and it sure feels a lot better and sounds great since we decided to put the Off-road pipes on there with some 110 octane, which smells great:thumbsup:
Needless to say everything is running smoothly now and I just need to get a custom dyno tune from Amazon Racing and I'll be set.

Trevor and I also installed the Sean Hyland passenger side breather and we custom made an oil-seperator for the driver's side.

I realize this thread is worthless without any pics, so I'll have some come Monday!


06-26-2005, 11:17 PM
done until you break something that is:eek: not wishing this on you, though

06-27-2005, 08:51 AM
congrats man...im looking forward to my new found power as well...i'd heard those Bassani's have had some leaking issues, but glad you got them worked out :thumbsup:

06-27-2005, 09:39 AM
I just had to say it.....