View Full Version : So the cobra isn't in the shape I was told...

07-17-2005, 10:50 PM
Well...I got my cobra today, and this is the list of what I found wrong already :fm: :fm: :fm: :fm: :fm:

* - Rear Diff Cover is leaking
* - Output Shaft Seal is leaking
* - Driveshaft isn't straight inline
* - Air filter has no clamp on the gay home made CAI
* - Shifter wasn't even completely bolted down
* - When downshifting its very hard to get into 2nd
* - Exhaust leak on the passenger side
* - Has a external N.O.S. Fuel Pump in addition to the factory one
* - Rubber/Metal boot under the shifter boat cover was shreaded
* - Gauge Cluster lights are burned out

And he told me the car was in perfect shape


07-18-2005, 08:27 AM
If it was a salesmen and his lips were moving. He Lied. Sounds like the car had been quickly put togather. Perhaps go through and reassemble what you see wrong at the moment to realign and repair things. Actually sounds like a good project car to mod, while correcting some poor mechanics misgivings.
You should get plenty of help here in the forum start wrenching.
Good Luck.