View Full Version : Various parts for sale, need to go!

07-26-2005, 01:40 PM
I have some different items I need to turn. Best offer applies to all.

Motorsport front end cover 99-01 cobra. Leather, snake embroidered.

Koni Double Adjustable struts, 99 and up (probably fit all SN95 cars) with MM coilover kit and 10" 400" springs (which would require 18" wheels or factory 17x8 wheels...17x9 wheels will allow the tire to contact the spring perch, or go to an 8" spring), in need of a rebuild (struts) which has been quoted to me at 150 each strut through truechoice. I went to Bilstien due to the fact that I'm simply not up to adequately adjusting these to max their full potential. Loved them when they were on the car.

Borla catback and Mac Offroad H Pipe 99 and up Cobra. I've had the catback since Dean Smeltzer sold his 99 vert back in the day. Some scuffing on the mufflers, Tips in great shape. Fully welded catback, so consider this when asking about shipping, it'd be a shame to cut it. Wonderful sound. I've gone to an offroad X and single chamber flowmasters exiting the sides.
I will separate the two if need be, but would prefer to sell it whole

An Either Or:
4 Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, 275/45/17, 2 at 8/32 tread and 2 at 6/32 tread, even wear across the entire width, no worn outside edges. These were factory tires on an 03 Anniversary Cobra, of which I bought the wheels. I really have no need for 17 inch street tires, unless.....(here's the either or)
I will trade my 18" factory 00R wheels (w/ caps) and 4 Kumho MX 285/35/18 tires at roughly 10% tread left for a set of 10th Anny wheels, or 03 Cobra wheels, regardless of condition (well, must be unbent, but scratches and missing caps are OK).
Tires, if sold will be priced at $300.00, which is really a pretty good deal, I think. I'm pretty firm on the price of that one.

Motive 3.90 gears. Went to 4.10 (wow, such a huge jump!). Loved the 3.90's, they are, however, a bit noisy, which is why I did the swap.

I've got a couple of other things, as I run across them, I'll add them here.