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AI/X #08 07-31-2003 12:30 PM

We need a good AI display at our race.
Aug 17th there is a road race at Blackhawk Farms. Blackhawk is a fairly technical 2 mile 11 turn course which just got repaved last year. Right now my class of AGS (american Sedan) is looking at changing the rules to allow AI type modifications in 2004. This is not an attempt to pull AI cars from the Ohio/Indiana region or any other region. They are only attempting to allow this to potentially run with the AI group in future. One of the problems with this class is they run only three tracks a year. They run the same track 7 times and they want to move to different tracks more often which is why they want to modify their cars to be competitive with the AI cars so they can go to new tracks. They are in the middle of deciding to stick with the AS rules, or allow more mods similar to the AI rules.
If anyone wants to run on our(ohio/Indiana region) off weekend this would be a great event to do it in. We will have a competetive field, and a showing of AI cars in our class might show them the potential fun they might have if they chose to run with us. I have won 5 out of 6 races this year and it would be a great opportunity to stick it to me. ( yeah that means you Wilson) I have also suggested to them to run with us in the AI race in Vegas. I already have one of them planning on doing it. Chris Grizwold is his name and he will give the AI/X crowd some fits as he is very fast.
If anyone is interested please let me know and I'll get it arranged. Blackhawk Farms is located in Rockton Illinois right on the border of Wisconsin and Illinoins about an hour West from the Chicago area.
Mark Luna AI/X #08, AGS #37

mwilson7 08-07-2003 09:31 AM

That's the Woodward Dream Cruise weekend so I can't go. Why do you think I have a need to stick anything to you? With as much advertising that you have been giving Cerra Racing on all the boards I would just like to see the yellow car out on the track so that we can finally say that the car matches the hype. I would also have expected Cerra Racing to be offering some type of contigency program considering how involved with AI/AIX you have said they would like to be. My money is where my mouth is....why isn't theirs?

svt_coupe 08-07-2003 10:21 AM

Next time I see Mark Wilson in an airport, I'm gonna stick it to him big time. (for those of you with your minds in the gutter, don't go there)

AI/X #08 08-07-2003 10:34 AM

I find it funny Mark that we have already discussed that you weren't coming to this event last week because you were concerned with keeping your car reliable for your AI championship points . That of course is understandable. If that is the reason, than why are you posting this on the forum?


I would just like to see the yellow car out on the track so that we can finally say that the car matches the hype.
When did I claim it was going to be fast? Frankly I have claimed the opposite. I have talked about it's lack of reliability, and speed. I have spoken about the fact that we can't ever get the car finished for the races since we continue to develop it and not race it which ticks me off. If I didn't have my AGS car, which is my focus, I would have more focus on the AI/X car but right now winning a championship is my priority. I want to get out of having two race cars, but won't till I win that Championship. I have said from day one that 2003 will be a testing year for Cerra Racing's car. I see no reason to bring the car to a race till it is competitive.


I would also have expected Cerra Racing to be offering some type of contigency program considering how involved with AI/AIX you have said they would like to be.
You want to dig up where I said that Cerra Racing was going to be a contingency sponsor? Can you tell me another race shop that has their own car and helps sponsor another car? I'd say that is fairly involved and once the car is actually competitive, the car will be at the track more. Frankly, where do you get off expecting anything?
Cerra Racing has had an extremely busy year and hasn't had the man power to get the car ready when they need to. They are all working extremely hard at the shop and I don't blame them. They need to get the cars to the customers that they promised, not a race car to a race track that hasn't been tested yet. If I had more time, the car might be able to get done, but when Mike and I started this process in March( yeah in march the car was a street legal 99gt) , I warned him that my priorities were else where. When I do something, I do it right which is why I have 5 wins out of six races in my AGS series.


My money is where my mouth is....why isn't theirs?
Again, when have I or Cerra's made offers for contingency? Cerra Racing doesn't make products like the contingency sponsors other than the rear suspension we are designing. Why would the even consider offering contingency?
They have made no such offers. The only offer at the table was to take someone to Vegas with us, which has already been snatched up.


Why do you think I have a need to stick anything to you?
We have said this back and forth in different forums and in personal emails. I have been joking back and forth with you about this for awhile. If you can't take a joke or prod I'm sorry. Learn to. I for one thought that all of our prods and joking were for fun. After reading this I am starting to wonder as it seems very mean spirited.
The AI/X car will be testing at Blackhawk Farms this weekend at the race I mentioned to you already. If you want to come see it run, here is your chance since it seems important to you that the car is out this year. I knew it wouldn't be and am focused on it's future, not this year. I want to be a part of AI for years to come and if we need to spend this year testing to see what works and doesn't work, that is what we'll do.

mwilson7 08-09-2003 11:04 AM

:rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

That has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever read!!! I CAN'T take a joke??? Now that line is truly classic!

Unfortunately it appears you haven't been to enough races to realize just how much of a joke I can take!!

As far as Cerra Racing goes my point is that with all the plugs you have given them I would think they would offer some kind of contigency fund for AI racers. I don't produce squat but I still offer something (Rookie of the Year award plus Contigency based on purchases). I NEVER even implied that you said they would offer an contigency money.

You need to chill out and get racing.......

AI/X #08 08-09-2003 03:35 PM

I have been to enough races to know that you can indeed take a joke. That is why I was so suprised to read your reply. We have emailed back and forth regarding why you don't want to come to this event last week and I didn't understand why you needed to reply in a forum, particularly with the "tone" you expressed, or my interpretation of it. I felt I knew you better than that. Glad to hear you can indeed take a joke, and look forward into the future of many more from me.:D

Considering your avatar in Corner-Carvers is my car being pulled onto a wrecker, you seem to take too much interest in what the Cerra's are doing. I personally find that funny and an added bit of symbolism of what our season has been like so far. We started this building process way too late in the year to have any hopes of it being successful for us, or making it so for any of the racers. Cerra Racing may in fact offer something in future. I am not even going to bring that kind of stuff up because when I bring anything up regarding this car, it gets taken out of context. Right now Mike is working very hard to keep his business going and that is his focus. Mine is getting the car out there to promote his business and as their driver, it is my job. The intent of AI is to promote businesses like Cerra's. That is part of the reason for it's success. If you think I am promoting Cerra's by making a few plugs now, you wait till we finish the car and get it out there. You are gonna see that yellow banana of a car all over. That kind of advertising is what is going to make AI a success and if more teams like us try to push this kind of exposure, it will be even more successful. We are going to run more open track events this year to test for 2004 than we are going to run real races. I wish this wasn't true, but we aren't just bolting on products that someone else tested like most racers, we are trying to make our own and develop a reliable power plant that is untried and untested. Add that to myself racing in another series and holding the points championship lead, and there you go. Hey, are you going to run with the Northwoods Shelby club at Road America in September? Tone did last year, you ought to think about it. It is always a great weekend, and we'll actually have the car there. I made Mike send in the money ahead of time so he had to get the car done. :bounce:

We are already bidding on building two cars for the 2004 season. I have made no promises of our future or our success. It all revolves around the shop getting the customers cars finished. They don't focus on selling parts. Their main focus is working on people cars and they have got to keep on schedule which is why the AI/X car gets put on the back burner.


You need to chill out and get racing.......
I am quite chilled. I have actually been to 10 races in the last 4 months and am enjoying the heck out of it. I will miss my current AGS series next year so I am really striving to do well in it this year and enjoy the people as much as I can. We are going to run the AI/X car in the Midwestern Council next year along with the AI/X races to continue to keep the friends that I have now in that club, and to beat the heck out of that car to see what it has. We are going to run a couple enduro's in it as well. Anybody want to be the co-driver?:D No Wilson, not you. You wouldn't have anything to make fun of if you were driving the car.:D
Moving on.

b_tone 08-12-2003 04:21 PM

I have remained neutral, I will co-drive...hell I will co-drive a hyundi if you have one to race........

bt the track whore

Dean95CobraR 08-13-2003 01:53 PM

Hmmmm, interesting.

Hey, could someone pass the popcorn?!? :D

AI/X #08 08-13-2003 11:24 PM


I have remained neutral, I will co-drive...hell I will co-drive a hyundi if you have one to race........
You are far from neutral, but there aren't any sides to take here, we are just having some fun.

Bring your track whore self out this weekend would ya? It's suppossed to rain, and I suck in the rain. You'll enjoy your less horsepower and spanking me.


justagt 08-14-2003 09:57 AM

Hey, Dean, save me a seat.

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