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JWL 05-27-2003 01:05 PM

AI-West at Willow

Here's the race report. I want to thank all the drivers and crews that made it out with us as we put on a great, clean show for the fans. See you all at Sears in June.


Round 3 of the American Iron West Championship Series was run at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA in May 24-25, 2003. The first weekend of the summer season was warm and clear with temperatures in the mid-90ís testing the cooling systems of both the cars and the racers themselves.

Mike Armstrong rejoined the series in his Mustang while J.R. Smith entered the points chase in his 4th generation Camaro. Other entrants included Christine Knight, Keith Videtto, Chaka Milby, Ernesto Roco, Vageli Karas, Neil Hershorin, John Lindsey, Tim Nichols, Guy Cunningham, Bruce Griggs, Kevin Chambers, Tim Gilpin, and Brian Murphy. AIX competitor Bill Daffron arrived on Friday to test, but was forced to retire before the weekend by a broken crankshaft.

Saturday saw Kevin Chambers take the Overall and AI pole with Tim Nichols in the top position in AIX and Vageli Karas just behind with only .3 seconds separating the top three qualifiers. The race was a flying start and the field entered into Turn 1 bunched tightly together. Nichols pulled out to a five second lead early in the race and held it while Chambers, Karas, and Cunningham fought for the lead with Gilpin close behind. After a few laps, Chambers began to drop back with mechanical trouble, which left Karas and Cunningham to duel for the lead. After yet another remarkable corner-to-corner battle, Cunningham ended up in front with Karas in second. Gilpin came home in the third spot on the podium. Nichols took the AIX win with Neil Hershorin and rookie J.R. Smith in the next two spots with only fractions of a second between them.

On Sunday, Bruce Griggs was the Overall and AIX pole sitter with Vageli Karas on the AI pole. The race began this time with a standing start with the CMC field just behind the AI cars. When the green dropped, 30 cars headed for the first turn led by Griggs and Lindsey with Chambers just behind. Chambers got by Lindsey and then went on to battle with Griggs for the remainder of the race. Karas and Cunningham again had a great contest going, but they were not able to catch up to Chambers who scored his first AI win convincingly. Karas ended up in the third position with Cunningham just ahead in second. Griggs took the AIX win with Lindsey and Milby in the next two spots.

The next round of the series will take place on June 28-29, 2003 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. Both AI and AIX are developing into close contests, so donít miss the show when it heads North for the next weekend.

svt_coupe 05-27-2003 04:10 PM

Sweet write up John. Sounds like Willow Springs was a hoot. Reading this just makes me wish we could meet somewhere in the middle for a National showdown. THAT would be a sight to see...


johnbasf 05-27-2003 04:42 PM

Thanks John, any pics or videos yet? You guys are getting some new names at the top.:thumbsup:

SIUNARA 05-27-2003 10:12 PM

Welcome to the board JWL (John)...your time posting updates here is much appreciated!! :D

JWL 05-30-2003 02:22 AM

No pics or videos yet, but we're working on it. We actually are going to produce a 30-minute TV show with all the classes on it, so you guys can look out for that when it's ready. We had a great time and I do think a battle between the West, East, Midwest, and Texas factions needs to happen. I would love to show you guys how fast an Internet legend like me can be! Shugg has seen me drive the stuffing out of a Winnebago on the OTC, but I really can still drive stick as well.


P.S. No prob posting the updates-I am glad you all are interested.

svt_coupe 05-30-2003 09:59 AM

I will only say this about JWL's camper driving skills. Be afraid. Be very afraid of White Lightning.

Oh... and Flaherty is no slouch of a driver either.

COBRA #17 05-30-2003 08:28 PM

The SMOOOOZER is coming out of him again!!!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

But wait ? :doubt: That is not what you told the rest of us about the guys out there??

Something to the effect of " They can't hold a candle to the east coast racers, we're gona kick there a## ! "
Don't be affraid to tell it like you feel !!!!

AI EAST Asst Director

johnbasf 05-30-2003 11:12 PM

No comment!! See I'm a good boy.;)

svt_coupe 06-02-2003 04:29 PM

I'm not sure I like it when people put words in my mouth for me. But, OK. Bring it on boys. ;)

COBRA #17 06-02-2003 08:49 PM

OH BOY !!!
BOY you left that one WIDE OPEN !!!! :D

I am not even going to go there!!!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

AI EAST Asst Director

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