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Spiffy668 11-03-2008 03:17 PM

FS: Misc parts from my 99 Cobra
Its garage sale time! I've had some parts just sitting around in the garage that need a new home. Please take these off my hands!

99 - 01 O/R H-Pipe. Purchased from our fearless leader in 04? Never got a chance to put it on the car. $100.

Stock rear "pumpkin". Dropped this baby out and replaced with a pumpkin with 4.30s. I have the case, stock 3.27 gearset compatible with the 28 spline halfshafts in the 99 cars all together, never been taken apart. Rip it all out if you need to and keep a different gear set for street or track. Makes changing your gear ratios a hell of a lot easier, if you're in to that. $700 obo

Stock 99 Convertible IRS springs (all 4). Self explanatory. Make me an offer if you want em.

Convertible boot for 99-00 convertibles. Make me an offer.

I'll be throwing this stuff on ebay before too long, but I figure since I've been around with you guys for so long, I'd give ya the first shot. Everything is local to N. Texas, so you can pick it up if you're close, if not, we can talk about shipping. :) Don't wait before its too late! I need to pay my medical bills from wrenching my back lifting that damn pumpkin this weekend. ;)

/end Salesman

Pics available on request, and you can post here, PM, or email me at if you have any questions...

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