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SvilleCobra 11-20-2009 07:03 PM

Oil Pan Seeping...
Should I be concerned?

Not enough to even make drips on the floor but a small amount of seepage around the edges of the oil pan - just enough that it comes off on your finger.

All is tightened up and I am guessing it is the gasket around the edges of the pan.

snakbitn 11-21-2009 10:06 PM

I wouldn't worry about it until it start's leaving spot's.

ausie 01-25-2010 05:06 PM

If you have not placed your finger on where the oil is leaking, it could be from several areas. These are just suggestions. Note: the leak may be minimal when the engine is cold, but more of an issue when hot. What causes oil seal leaks ; age (due to expansion from heat/cool down cycles), Too much oil pressure (lacking sufficient PCV flow), or running rich. Also, some engine oil cleaners may dry out seals if they were used on a regular basis as prep for oil change which is like adding fuel to the oil (usually is kerosene). Your issue is more than likely due to age than other causes. I had more problems with my 2001 Cobra and small leaks due to the aluminum block and steel oil pan.

If it is near the rear, it may be from the rear seal but that would also reveal itself at the vent on the bottom of the bell housing or access slot for the clutch cable. Also if it was the rear seal, that would also be indicated by intermittent spikes on the oil guage (may be stable but randomly operate erratically).

Could be from a valve cover seal along the bottom side. If the valve covers were ever removed or had become loose that may be a place to investigate.

In the front, it could be the front bearing seal or timing chain seal.

Oil Cooler or bad oil seal on filter.

I have noticed a few wet spots in some areas on mine but nothing to be concerned with (no leaks but looks like there may have been one).

SvilleCobra 01-30-2010 05:35 PM

That is GREAT and VERY USEFUL feedback. Thank You!

Only notice seepage after a hard drive when oil pressure has been up - especially after a track day. Normal driving around town - no seepage at all. There has never even been enough seepage to create a mark on my garage floor so I am assuming this is minor and will leave well enough alone until it gets large.

I hate to spend time and $$ trying to fix an issue that is no big deal at this time

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