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Aaron94 03-16-2003 03:36 PM

Smog Pump
Ok, the smog pump on my 94 is starting to make funny noises. But i am really not too fond of the thing anyhow.... so can i just junk it??? are there a lot of electronics involved with this thing? Has anyone removed theirs? Im really not worried about smog laws or anything because i wont pass with my cam and O/R h-pipe. Any ideas on this?

Black Snake 03-17-2003 12:16 AM

It is extremely easy to eliminate the smog pump. I ditched the pump and the lines from the heads to the cats (well where my cats would be if I had those). I did have to run a smog pump eliminator kit with my blower set-up to get the correct belt routing.

The bigger issue will be how will you pass emissions and inspection testing without the pump.

Aaron94 03-17-2003 01:08 AM

so you can just ditch all those tubes and sensors and crap?? i just need to get a dummy pully or something? can i just run a shorter belt? oh dont worry about passing a emissions, let just say "i know a guy" =)

Black Snake 03-17-2003 04:25 PM

The belt routing on your car is different than mine, so I donít know if you can just run a short belt to by-pass the smog pump or if you would have to remove everything and run an eliminator. If you do remove everything, you will have to plug the holes in the back or your heads for the smog pump lines. Other than that it is just as easy as it sounds.

Blckonyxx 03-30-2003 05:11 PM

Try this website.
I'm going to assume your pullies are just like the base Mustang GT which is just like our MN12 TBirds.

:thumbsup: Good luck

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