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flynfink 12-12-2005 09:05 AM

Read please or your post may be deleted!! Rules for For Sale/ Wanted to buy
OK, some new guidelines folks-

Rule 1) DO NOT register on the forums just to post an ad. If someone posts here and they have less than 10 posts- It will be deleted. Period. This is to help try and reduce the amount of spam. EXCEPTION - if you are an SCMC member in good standing (dues paid), contact me before posting.
Rule 2) Due to massive fraud, all links to Ebay auctions will be nuked.
Rule 3) is not responsible for transactions that take place as a result of using this forum.
Rule 4) DO NOT bash on what/why people are buying or selling.
Rule 5) Please use the following prefix for your posts:
FS = for sale (ex. FS: Cobra wheels)
WTB = want to buy (ex. WTB: Cobra for $5)
Rule 6) Please include a way for people to get in contact with you...kinda important.
Rule 7) All ads older than 30 days are deleted on a regular basis.
Rule 8) NO vendor may post any for sale items without approval from the proper SVT Cobra Club officers.
Rule 9) You may only advertise car specific items...period.
Rule 10 If you have something for sale and sell it, PLEASE add Sold to the title of the thread.
11) If your sole purpose to come on the SCMC website is to use it as a classified section for parts you have for sale, you will need to go to the SCMC store and pay to list each item for sale under a $5.00 misc fee per item listed.

Any ?'s,

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