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cobrabitn 11-26-2017 01:30 PM

How to get your car in the SCMC Calendar
This is a guideline on how you can get your car featured in the SCMC calendar.

1. You must be a current up to date dues paying SCMC member.

2. Your photo should be at least 10 megs or better. The higher the resolution, the better.

3. Your photo should have a scenic background. Do not take photos of trees growing out of the roof or lamp poles. No trash cans in the background. We are featuring your car in a club publication.

4. Your photo should not have any restrictions on it. In other words, professional photos may not be restricted by editing, cropping, or enhancing. If a professional shot has restrictions on it of any kind including credits, then they will not be used, period.

5. We prefer photos of our member's cars that have SCMC windshield decals, side window decals, or windshield banners. Your photo may be turned down if your photo does not represent the SCMC in a strong promotional manner.

6. Don't cut off your car in the photo. It's better to see all of your car but that doesn't mean a cool photo that is cut off will not be considered.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: I've had my car featured in the calendar, when can I submit it again?

A: We prefer to give other members a chance to have their car featured. We will not look to put your car back in the calendar till the third year.

Q: My photo is less than a meg, can you still use it?

A. While phones have come a long way. phones still do not have the quality like a slr camera. You want your car represented to be the best it can be, do not misrepresent your pride and joy with a low quality picture.

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