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Red Rydng Hood 05-21-2012 09:32 PM

Need Help with 2001 Cobra Purchase
Hello..found a 2001 Cobra to purchase with only 13,500K in miles. At issue is several photos on the back lower panels that show a pattern of of gouge marks/scratches that have been touched up. Also noticed in one of the back wheel wells the lining bolt seemed to have been ripped out and re-attached. In looking at the pictures of the tire tread, there is not more more wear available. Now the new owner of 1 plus years is stating he does not know what happened..previous owner was original purchaser. Like the car otherwise however for only having 13,500 in miles seems like unusual circumstances. Could this type of damage be caused by aggressive driving, racing in gravel and maybe a tire blown to cause well liner to be destroyed and replaced. Car is out of state so I can not pop by. Owner is asking premium price, Car Fax is clean, original owner will not return my calls. Any suggestions? Thank you so much..I want so much to have a new pony girl.:o

cobrabitn 05-21-2012 10:25 PM

There's obviously something wrong with the car. It sounds like it may have been in an accident. Buyer beware!

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