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95 2Top 08-16-2007 04:28 PM

Going Prices for the 2Tops
I've been looking on EBay and four of these 2Tops have been listed in 2007

1) March 07 Located in Central TX (Sold for 13K)
Comments: good condition but tacky plastic roll bar installed

2) July 07 Located in IN (No bids Reserve 40K)
Comments: VIN#1FALP45DXSF195803 listed as 5K Miles Nice car HIGH PRICE

3) Aug 07 Located in KS (No bids Reserve 10K)
Comments: VIN#1falp45d9sf193296 This car was had tons of MODS 119K Miles RELISTED (08/07) No Reserve starting at $9K. EBAY Item number: 220143934351

4) Aug 07 Located in NY (Sold for 14,700)
Comments: VIN# 1FALP45D9SF198305 75K Miles Supercharger and non OEM Rims

5) Ended 8/23/07 EBAY ID#110160527982 Reserve was NOT met high bid was $11399.00 Buy It Now was $29950.00 VIN: 1FALP45D2SF193334 Miles 13.7K Comments: VERY NICE CONDITION, only OEM MOD I see is that it has a Cobra Front Emblem instead of the factory Mustang. It should fetch a nice price if the reserve isn't set too high.....

6) Listed on 8/18/07 EBAY ID#320149515958 VIN: 1falp45d3sf216829 Miles 18.7K Comments: VERY NICE CONDITION, MODS include GOLD painted rims and pinstripping :( It is listed as 397/499 & 896/1003 built on 4/25/95. No Bids Buy It Now $29,950

If anyone sees one of these sell at auction or somewhere else please post so we know what these future collectibles are WORTH $$$$$$$

95 2Top 08-17-2007 03:10 PM

Another one on EBay
Moved data to original post as auctions ended

fivelinkcobra 09-24-2007 12:25 AM

I would think that 10-12k would buy a nice driver, 15-20K a very low mileage all oraginal. Now is the time to buy one of these cars or any 94-95 cobra as I don't think the price will get much lower. When I bought my 2-top in April of 06, I found a deal I could not pass up for a driver.

95 2Top 10-29-2007 04:51 PM

Listing Mine on EBay
I will be listing my 95 Hartop Cobra Convertible for sale on EBay sarting on 10/3107 and the reserve starts under 10K. I am selling beacause we need the $$$ for medical expenses. :(

95 2Top 10-30-2007 04:17 PM

#148 Up for sale
4 Days to go on this one:

#148 of 499

Title Listing:
1995 Ford : Mustang SVT CobraSVT Cobra Conv Hardtop Black 14kMi 5.0 #148 of 499

EBay Item number: 160174728903

Miles 14K
Buy It Now Price: $34995 :eek:

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