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Firme 12-18-2006 12:41 PM

Tuesday 12/19, food and Coffee!!
Food at 7p.m.

We will be eating at Ruby Tuesdays on 249 and Greens rd. (17117 Tomball Parkway). Click HERE for the map and driving directions.

Coffee @8:30-8:45ish depending on the weather and how long we take at dinner. If on North side, Coffee at Starbucks on 249 & 1960 across from Willowbrook mall, next to Chipotle. Click HERE for the map..

SuperG 12-18-2006 03:51 PM

I am still Christmas shopping!! And packing for my trip. And helping the kids with homework.

So yeah, I might be there.

Carl G 12-18-2006 11:11 PM

Out of town, as usual. :(

Levi 12-19-2006 09:58 AM

As always,,,,,,,,, IN. :cool:

Larry95 12-19-2006 11:52 AM

In. :thumbsup: Anyone for Ruby Tuesdays :) ????

Levi 12-19-2006 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by Larry95
In. :thumbsup: Anyone for Ruby Tuesdays :) ????

:thumbsup: :cool:

93KingCobra 12-19-2006 02:10 PM

Out :( to much x-mas shopping still to do...

Twice Bitten 12-19-2006 03:28 PM

We'll eat with room for 4.

97CasperCobra 12-19-2006 04:05 PM

i can get a glass of water at I'm out. maybe next week.

Mephisto 12-19-2006 04:37 PM

Out! It's the Boy's birthday.

Bartman01 12-19-2006 04:42 PM

Out, too much to do before this weekend.

Firme 12-19-2006 05:14 PM

See ya'll at Ruby Tuesday's

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