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SilverMustangs 01-21-2008 03:05 PM and BMC Cruise. May 2008 Stone Mountain
Just joined but I thought I would mention to you guys/gals about a Mustang cruise my site is holding. is holding their first annual cruise at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia May 17-18, 2008. It is a cruise for silver Mustangs but we have teamed up with BMC (Black Mustang Club) so it will be silver and black. We have a flyer about it coming out in MM&FF in Feb about it. But for now, here is the flyer for the event. If you need more details, we have a thread going at my site so feel free to read more info if you are interested. Hope to see some of you there :)

Here is the link to the information thread as well.

cobrabitn 01-28-2008 08:38 PM

I think the problem you will have with SCMC members attending is that you are limiting it to two colors on your pony cars, otherwise you might have more snakes in there.

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