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cobrabitn 03-23-2008 01:36 PM

No such thing as a "free lunch".
Unfortunately, some of you have not followed the vendor rules for signature banners. If you go and look in the rules for the forums, you will see that your signature banner is specifically for "your vehicle". It is not a means for you to promote other businesses especially if they do not support the SCMC. It is not fair to those businesses that do support the club financially, and I am not talking about giving you a discount on products. I am talking about "paying for advertising" or sponsorship.

Here is the rule for vendors:

Rule 4.

No poster is allowed to have a banner or signature promoting any business even if it is an approved vendor. Banners are for your personal vehicle only. No avatar will be allowed to promote any vendor, avatars are for your personal vehicle photo or other photo that meets a "rated G" guideline. Approved SCMC vendors are permitted to promote their business through both avatars and signatures.

The only businesses that have the right to have a banner in their signature are the following in alphabetical order:

American Muscle
Data Plates Plus
Factory Five
Macon-Moore Performance
Palmetto Pony Parts
Parkway Ford
Zaino of Charlotte

Grandfathered in:

HyperPerformance Motorsports
Mustang Week
Stainless Bumper Letters

If we are missing someone then feel free to e-mail us and we'll get it corrected, or

If you have a banner that does not have just your car signature and photo in it then you will have to correct the signature to just have your car in there. It is not fair to those businesses that do not pay for the advertising to get the same benefits as those that do pay. Your help is appreciated and after a week, if signatures have not been corrected, we'll go in there and manually correct them for you. Thanks for your help in this matter. :thumbsup:

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