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dmalemodel 11-15-2011 12:28 AM

Calling all 96-98 S/C boosted Cobras
I need some input from fellow supercharged Cobras.
I am thinking about removing all the "stupid" sensors since I live in Texas. My car has surging problems while driving and I figured I would get rid of the EGR, PCV, and Air smog pump plus any others anyone suggests. I think once these are removed I can have the car reprogrammed (needs a new programming anyhow) to remove the CEL and error codes that will result from removing everything.
What have any of the others s/c cobra folks out there done? What would you suggest?
PS: Thinking of taking the car to LMR to have it dyno tuned. Anyone local have any other ideas on where to take the car? Haven't had much success with Houston performance who did my last tune.

I have the following performance upgrades:
In tank Walbro 255lph w/ inline Bosch inline pump
Fully built/forged motor w/ 42lbs injectors
Vortech sq T-trim w/ 3.40 pulley
Longtubes w/ catback Cobra R side exhaust
T56 6 speed tranny
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator for boost

SuperG 11-15-2011 01:46 PM

I still have all my sensors. Equipment I have installed is only good for 420 Hp at the tires, but motor is good for 800 Hp. Car was built and tuned in the area and driven for quite some time in Houston. Built by Triangle in Orange and tuned (because Triangle just couldn't get it to run correctly) by Fastlane on FM 1960.

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