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Pete S. 11-17-2011 08:07 PM

Boss 302 at Limerock, 11/14/2011
I pulled this from another forum, it is a new car running at Limerock, recently; should be in the Boss section, but I know him from the Ford GT group, and of his expertise in going around a track. Video and other sections copied over into one: enjoy . . .

Few laps in my Boss 302LS
Limerock Park 11/14/11
Got to try my track key,and Hoosiers!
Love this car!

The Hoosiers are second to nothing!Itís like crack for cars! The cornering grip is so superior ,its mind boggling !Braking is also a huge improvement.Its important to swap sides to get the most wear use out of them ,since they are not a directional tire.The Pirellisí delaminated on my 2nd track day.Iím not a fan.I am pretty high on Hoosiers!The next best thing to slicks!
I was in the instructor group.
The Boss has ;
302s radiator
Camber plates
DBA5000 Slotted 2 piece floating rotors(front)
DBA 4000 Slotted rotors rear
Carbotech xp20ís brake pads front
Carbotech xp16 rears
super blue 600 fluid
Steel brake lines
Cut out front grill
Tiger racing hood
Harness bar and 4 point belts
Axel back muffler to reduce weight (saved 35lbs)
Waiting on lightweight rims.
Dead pedal
TRACK KEY!I like this item!
This car continues to grow on me!When it comes to bang for the dollar.The Boss rules!Its almost a shame they call it a Mustang (no offense to Mustang lovers) Because Mustangs are not generally thought of as a cornering g machines .But it truly is !

Kendal has the trick muffler set up .He also has a some other good items for the Boss.
Yes it was an instructor /advanced group.
I am talking to Forgeline and Dforce.I know the owners.Expecting something good.Will keep everyone informed.
Tire size for Hoosiers
265-35-19 FRONTS
295-30 -19 REARS
If you live on the east coast.Call Hoosier tire east 860-646-9646 Ask for Brian.A very knowledgeable and great guy!
Boy, its going to be a long winter!

SuperG 11-18-2011 08:14 AM

That was great!!

03-246 11-21-2011 01:32 PM

thanks for sharing.

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