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cobrabitn 07-24-2013 10:32 PM

Ponycars and Chicken Meets - August 10, 2013
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The SCMC bought the URL,

If you ever went to a "Cars and Coffee" event you know that there are different makes and models to stare at all morning long but did you ever wish there would be more Mustangs at an event like that? Well, along comes "Ponycars and Chicken." Everyone loves Chick-Fil-A right? So why not meet for breakfast once a month? You meet at a CFA for an hour or so and then on to your Saturday morning errands. It's a great way for Mustang owners to get together and not be the minority like you are at a cars and coffee event. However, if you like all kinds of cars, we will try not to schedule a PAC on the same weekend as a Cars and Coffee so you can enjoy both breakfast meets.

The idea behind ponycars and chicken (PAC) is to develop an avenue for our members to get together anywhere in the USA. All we need is one volunteer to be a contact person and who is willing to answer questions via e-mail or telephone. That person should be able to contact the local Chick-Fil-A for promotional cards.

While the SCMC will be the primary club for PAC, other clubs will be able to have their own and be able to post it on the ponycarsandchicken website. All they have to do is simply submit the date, location, and contact name with e-mail and they will be added to the front page of the website.

PAC is not just for SCMC members, we want all Mustangs to come out and enjoy breakfast with us so we can share our Mustang passion that so many of us have had for almost 50 years! ALL Mustang and SVT owners are invited and encouraged to join us at our designated locations below. We will add locations as the number of volunteers increase. We will not promote events that are within a 30 mile radius of each other so you couldn't have one on Cherry Road in Rock Hill and Dave Lyle Blvd as they are one exit away from one another.

All meets will be from 7:30 am to 10:00 am.

Our next event will be on August 10, 2013 and the current locations are as follows:

1. Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill Galleria
2245 Dave Lyle Blvd
Rock Hill, SC 29732
(803) 980-8080
Contact Name: Tony Sorrentino
Contact Phone Number: 803.371.0725
Contact E-Mail:

2. Chattanooga, TN

1804 Gunbarrel Rd
Chattanooga, TN
(423) 485-0777
Contact Name: Ben O'Brien
Contact E-Mail:

3. Virginia Beach, VA

5409 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Contact Name: Don Labar
Contact E-Mail:

4. Wake Forest, NC

11730 Retail Dr
Wake Forest, NC 27587
(919) 562-9004
Contact Name: David Melhado
Contact E-Mail:

5. Hickory, NC

1815 17th Street Drive Southeast
Hickory, NC 28602
(828) 267-2027
Contact Name: Michael Woodward
Contact E-mail:

6. Harrisonburg, VA

1691 E Market St (US Route 33 East)
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Phone: (540) 574-2232
Exit 247 off of I 81

ContactName: Greg Helmick
Contact E-mail:

7. Greensboro, NC

209 Pisgah Church Road,
Greensboro NC 27455.
Phone: 336-286-0408

Joel Gilchrist -
Ed Currie -

Come and join us for our second "Ponycars and Chicken" meet at participating Chick-Fil-A's!! See you there and spread the word. Our website will be up soon so check back at

Attendee List:

Rock Hill, SC

1. Tony Sorrentino - 1994 SVT Indy Pace Car Convertible

Wake Forest

1. David Melhado - 2012 Black Shelby GT 500 Coupe
2. Richard Campana - 2004 Blue Mach 1

Virginia Beach, VA

1. Don Labar - Saleen Mustang

Chattanooga, TN

1. Ben O'Brien - 2012 Black Boss 302 LS Coupe

Hickory, NC

1. Michael Woodward - 2001 White SVT Cobra Coupe

Harrisonburg, VA

1. Greg Helmick - 2008 White Shelby GT500 Coupe

Greensboro, NC

1. Joel Gilchrist - 1995 Orange Mustang GT Convertible
2. Ed Currie - 2012 Black Shelby GT 500 Coupe

cobrabitn 07-31-2013 09:46 PM

We are now adding Harrisonburg, VA to the mix of the August 10th Ponycars and Chicken Meet. The contact person is Greg Helmick and the location is as follows:

1691 E Market St (US Route 33 East)
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Phone: (540) 574-2232

Exit 247 off of I 81

Contact: Greg Helmick -

cobrabitn 08-05-2013 11:24 PM

List Updated!!

matthewdavisp 08-07-2013 11:00 PM

i'd like to see this up in massachusetts

Snoopy 777 08-09-2013 09:05 PM

My neighbors would shoot me if I started my car up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. lol

What happens if I show up at say...9:30 or so? :rotf:

03-246 08-10-2013 10:55 AM

Thanks to everyone that came out to Wake Forest, NC this am....12 Mustangs and 1 Chevy at our monthly Pony Cars & Chicken cruise in. Hey...does anyone know how to Photoshop out the Chevy? :)

cobrabitn 08-10-2013 10:47 PM

And the numbers this month for PAC are as follows:

Greensboro, NC = 4
Hickory, NC = 5
Wake Forest, NC = 12
Rock Hill SC = 7
Chattanooga, TN = 8
Harrisonburg, VA = 5
Virginia Beach, VA = 1

Tee shirt winning meets are as follows: Wake Forest, NC (Mary Slavin), Chattanooga, TN (Winner?), Rock Hill, SC (Mike Tolbert)

Last month's total attendance = 27, This month's total attendance = 42. Keep them coming. Next month's date is September 14, 2013.

cobrabitn 08-11-2013 01:07 AM

Crank it up Matt!!

Snoopy 777 08-16-2013 10:19 PM

I'll try harder, but my memory for things like this sucks. :eek:

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