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mustacob 06-21-2014 03:22 PM

Greetings from NC
Hi Everyone,

My name is Armen and I am writing from Hickory, NC. I am originally from Armenia, but in the United States since 1995. Soccer fun here and going to watch Germany playing, right after this status update :)

Currently thinking between Camaro and Mustang. One of my son's likes Camaro another Mustang. So joining the forum now and leaning about Mustang more.

By the way I am also the publisher of and we have a special Readers' Rides section where we feature the vehicles of our Readers

If anyone wants to have his Shelby featured there, let me know. It's free and no money involved. Just for fun.

Thank you and have a great weekend. Looking forward t oparticiapte in the discussions.

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