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New Guy...

What's up, fellas. I just picked up a '96 Cobra off of ebay...
Check it out...

I'm 99% sure I got a good deal on this bad boy. I'm headed out to Atlanta this Friday to drive her back to Texas...1100 miles of Flowmasters.....uggggghhhh!!! I bet the Mach 460 will get alot of use, though!

I'm already throwing the idea of a PowerPipe and Long tubes on it. This is gonna' be my street cruiser! I've got an '85 Mustang GT with a 408 and she's fixin to get the NX slapped on her for this next track season. The '85's slowly turning into a 1% Street/99% Track car, so I think this new toy's going to do all the good on the streets! '03 Cobras, beware!!!
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