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Originally Posted by cobrabitn
Class G -- Daily Driver Cobra

Dave Stanfield - 1st

Here is some information for those of you that may want to know. If you entered in the daily driver Cobra class, you would have placed and won an award even if your car wasn't washed in 11 years and you just ran through a gazillion mud puddles.

Thanks to all that came and supported the club.
Now that you mention it, I asked that very question since I'm new and was not sure if I should have been in the 04 or the daily category. I was unanimously told to be in the 04 class, and I think it was Dave Stanfield that was the most outspoken about not being in the daily driver class.

Seriously though, we had a great time and I have no clue as to how I did in the judging. Meeting fellow club members was the highlight of the day and our main reason for going.
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