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Originally Posted by Robbie '96
a little disagreement with Tony on the daily driver. All cars in the show no matter if it is daily driver or any category is has to be clean. Part of the judging or alot of it is based on how clean the vehicle is inside and out. I hope you were making (trying) to make a joke.

I think you missed the point of his commentary. I don't know if you were at the show or not, but there was only 1 car entered in the daily driver class which was Dave's and that is why I was picking on him (his car looked great though, and it was not dirty). Tony was hinting that others who qualified for that category should have entered it instead of entering the class by year of their car. So in this case yes, 2 more people could have entered and it would not have mattered what condition of cleanliness or lack thereof the car was in because they would have won due to the lack of competition in that category.
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