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Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I actually ordered the Roush kit, and it came in yesterday. When I tried to install it I realized that it would not work because the opening in the throttle body is oval, and the kit had a round piece. The guy at the store said it only came in round??!!? So back to the store it went. On the way home, I saw an '03 - no - I HEARD an '03 pull into a gas station so I followed him in. He had a Bassani system on the car and a bunch of other goodies, and he was on the way to get the car dynoed. He said that Roush filed for bankruptcy last year or so and that is why he would not buy anything from Roush. By the way, I am recruiting anyone I can to the website! I have a store credit and I will see if they carry any of your suggestions. They also suggested lowering springs, etc, but I want to get my horsepower-goodies before I do anything that is simply cosmetic.

Hey now...don't forget the mineral grey VERT!

2001 Mineral Grey Convertible
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