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Originally Posted by Abneriel
I feel so left out
I've got a can of Mineral Grey paint, lets get to work

alright, alright, we'll make you an honorary mineral grey owner.

Originally Posted by robk17th
I noticed you mentioned the tunable induction system, What do you think about the meter forward system or do you recommend the full length system? By the way I too have 01 mineral gray coupe like yours but with less mods
sweet car man

Their meter forward system is really nice (the System # 4: Part # 960246MF) which is the "densecharger" to the old school guys. The full lenth is ideal, but marginal since there is prolly only gonna be a 2-3hp difference. The 85mm Pro-m MAF is a big piece to that puzzle too, it will up your gains. A little birdy told me that a 90mm for the 01's might be on the horizon, but you can always get that later after buying the CAI now.

Another option you can get from em is the Metco type setup. Its not an in fender like the system above, but its a under hood with an exposed filter. The filter shield might come out in the future for the 01's also, as right now they offer the Metco CF one for the 03/04's

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