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Originally Posted by NewFoundPower
Firme, what don't you like about the K&N FIPK? Lately I have heard really good things about it and it makes the same hp claims as the JLT with an easier install and maintenance.

On an 03/04, yes the FIPK has shown good results and is a competitor, but we are talking about a N/A 2001 Cobra, and I have seen mixed reviews there, and the gains were not as much as the others. Couple that with the fact that K&N filters, although real popular in the aftermarket, have had test showing it is really not as good a filter as the S&B or the Green Filter (Don't take that the wrong way, its still a great filter overall but its not 1st choice, also, is it just me or did K&N change from lifetime 1 million mile warranty to a 10 yr 1 million mile warranty? kinda odd). JLT and WMS use S&B, Tunable Induction uses Green Filters. I mean I am speaking strictly of my opinion, what I have seen 1st hand, and experienced, be assured there is other opinions out there:
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