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Originally Posted by robk17th
well if you can only get 2/3 HP for the densecharger full length system then what are you going to get out of a meter forward system. What i am looking for is a CAI that will give me results, not cost an arm and a leg. and will not take me awhole day to install. HELP
See the thing that makes this all so difficult is there are too many variables. Your overall mods make such a big difference on how a single mod gives you gains. Its a "combo" that yields results instead of 1 single piece.

(sticking to N/A here) If you have a bone stock Cobra, and you stick a CAI on it, it can give you 5hp 3rwtq. You might be dissapointed. Then you go out and get exhaust that is supposed to give you 7hp 10rwtq, and you end up gaining 15hp, 13rwtq. Did the exhaust exceed expectations? no, not really, its the exhaust coupled with the CAI that yielded the results. The CAI was not showing its true gains till you freed up the exhaust. (hypothetically speaking of course)

Same goes with someone, with a ton of mods, putting on a CAI and getting 12hp out of it.

So answering your question is kinda difficult. You could see up to 9-12hp from the meter forward kit as opposed to 12-15 with the full, but that depends on your overall combo. The MAF also plays a role once you get mods on there. Especially on a 01, the meter is more of a restricution than the 03 due to the design change.

What I look at is people that get results with combo's and what they run. Tunable Inductions, WMS, and now JLT are some that always appear on a mod list of guys showing big power. I have also seen custom made CAI do the same, so, base your picks off design, coupled with what you think looks good on your engine if you care about that. Alot of these companies are similar with 1 or 2 things different. One might have a better under hood kit, and the other have a better in Fender...etc. At the most, you will be 2-3 h.p. off down the line. Just remember, the metal tubing can hold heat, unlike the Tunable Induction and the JLT.

FYI, there is JLT vs. Tunable Induction shootout comming soon from what I hear.
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