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I'm not a fan of the densecharger system. My reason is this: The maf is designed to meter air coming from the filter..... not through the filter, in a tube, around the corner, and then into the engine. The only CAI kit I like is the JLT cai, and the old morpheus powerpipe (out of business). These kits are put the MAF in the fenderwell where the airfilter can attach directly to it. Thus elimiating crappy idling, and tuning difficulty. On my '03 cobra, I went with the MAC straigh shot cai. This has a heat shield, (not needed IMO, but whatever), a 4 inch MAF (again, not needed), and a big open filter. I'll add the JLT RAI to it to give it a nice big filter, 4 inch maf, and 4 inch piping going all the way to the throttle body. I've yet to pull the headlight, but the CAI kit gave me almost 3mph gain at the 1/8 mile track..... Consistantly.

Granted, this is an '03 cobra, but they work the same.

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