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Increased Insurance fees
Increased Track Rental fees
Increased Corner Worker fees
Increased Emergency Personnel fees
Increased Wrecker fees

All those little $5.00 and $10.00 add up. Or maybe we can just send you the bill for the difference of this year vs. last year and we can let everyone in at no charge?


You forgot to mention the $500 race purse for the highest finishing cobra club member in the av8ss race. If I'm not mistaken this was a club decision, not a track or insurance company decision. If you're going to present facts to back up your opinion, make sure you are forthcoming with all of the facts.

It is my opinion that charging family, friends, and potential track junkies a fee to support a club sponsered race purse or an increase in the track venue is not the way to go. I agree with the statement above that it could cut off a very important part of the pipeline. You mentioned that those that want to "crash our party" should have to pay. No one is crashing the party, they are coming because a friend or family member traveled a long distance to participate in a track event by racing or open tracking, or because they live in the area and want to check things out. I for one have friends down south that I don't see very often...having them stop by the venue is a great way to catch up, hangout, and for them to see some great racing and open track action. Charging a fee may deter them from coming, as well as potential future club members. Increased rental/insurance fees should be paid by sponsers or club members participating in the event and race purses should be covered by sponsers and/or the club itself. Club members should not have to support a race purse nor should spectators...that is why there are sponsers and also what "extra money" in the club budget is for. I believe you are passing the "buck" onto the wrong people.

This is just my opinion so take it for what's it worth.

Sorry to say you won't have the opportunity to "try" to pass me this year at the Cobra Club event. I have decided to pass on the event for a few reasons. If you are really feeling the need to avenge last year's humiliation let me know, I will be at several track events this year...I can let you know my schedule so you can come out to play if you're not scared.
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